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4 Simple Tips for your CV

4 Simple Tips for your CV

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Wouldn't it be easy if the perfect job came to you? Well now it can.

By submitting your resume to our Fuse Recruitment Database you are opening up a world of opportunities! Did you know that as Recruiters we don't just sit around and wait for people to apply for jobs? Infact, most job sourcing starts in our very own database. 

To get the best result from submitting your resume to most recruitment databases (including our own!), there are a few basic tricks you can do to maximise the likelihood that your resume will return at the head of the queue during the all-important candidate search. The way modern technology and algorithms work can affect the way your resume is entered into any database or CRM. Read our four simple and easy pointers below to get your profile to match your ability!


1. Word Format Trumps PDF

Most modern recruitment software will scan your CV and pick out bits of information such as names, job titles and key words and pre-populate database fields, search criteria and weight information according to complex data matching algorithms. Word documents consistently return better results versus a PDF document when being parsed into databases, so give yourself the best chance and submit your CV in word format.

2. Layout

Gone are the days where we are handing out physical resumes, we live in a digital world! When it comes to searching CV’s in a database, consultants often search keywords and criteria to positions that are defined by the employer. To have your resume looking aesthetically pleasing to the human eye does not mean it will rank higher in a recruiting database. Try to minimise the use of tables, images and formatting which may make it difficult for the software to pick up, and instead put it in a simple form. You can bring your eye-popping and creatively genius resume to your interview once the content has done the talking!

3. Keywords and Acronyms

Recruitment Consultants often perform searches on databases using keywords and industry acronyms. Use these where appropriate to highlight your skills and experience.

4. Information

Sometimes the simple things go unnoticed, like a mistake in vital information such as your name, contact number and email address. Or simply forgetting to put it on at all! Ensuring your resume content is 100% correct with no errors can mean the difference between you getting that interview or not. Have critical information early on in your CV and ensure it’s easy for recruiters to find, and ensure the information is relevant to the role/industry you are applying for.


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