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Team Talks: Mel & Julie

Team Talks: Mel & Julie

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Earlier this year we welcomed two new additions to our Sydney office; Mel and Julie. Mel and Julie weren't like any two other new starters we've had however, they come from a long working relationship together and are a prime example of team work makes the dream work. Both from a scientific and technical background, Mel and Julie understand the industries in which they recruit, and the skills and duties of the positions they recruit for. We caught up with Mel and Julie to find out a bit more about them!

Tell us about your recruitment career

Mel: I started in recruitment quite by accident. The company that placed me in my first role after having a very long maternity leave was looking for a consultant. I made one phone call and had one interview and started the following week. Quite the whirlwind. From there I became a Senior consultant and branch manager within 2 years recruiting in the pharmaceutical and medical device space and looking after a team that worked in technical and scientific fields.

Julie: I fell into recruitment, after going back to the agency which helped me to find my first job in Sydney, I was looking for something a little different. Before I knew it, they were recruiting me as a consultant. Six years later and it seems to suit me. I am still using my science, I get to meet lots of people and talk a lot. Very loudly! Yes, I am known for being very loud, Melanie jokes that all my clients and candidates must be deaf!


How long have you and Julie been working together?

Mel: Julie applied for a consultant role and I do remember at first, we weren’t too sure about each other. We laugh about it now. 6 years later I think we’re pretty sure now! We both love talking to people and have a mutual passion for helping them find work. Especially the ones who have found it tough.


What is the best thing about working together?

Julie: 6 years working with Mel, we have got to know each other very well and always laughing over funny things we say or is it Melanie laughing at me with my silly northern English accent

Mel: We have a bit of a B1/B2 connection. We know what each other’s thinking quite often and needless to say we’ve had many laughs over the years as a result. We’re usually on the same page and have the same values which helps. Julie works harder than anyone I know, and she knows her industry inside and out. She doesn’t need me telling her what to do, mostly I’m just a sounding board. I think trust is probably the key with us. Plus, a set of earplugs when she’s on the phone!


Why do you think you and Mel work so well together?

Julie: Me and Mel are the dynamic duo, what I don’t remember Mel does and vis versa. I always remember the first letter of a name and Mel adds the rest. We both share the same passion for what we do!


What do you do to create culture in your Sydney office?

Mel: Walk in with a smile. We do have a lot of fun in this office and I am known for my corny jokes. Personally, I think they’re quite funny. We also make sure we celebrate the highs as a team and support each when necessary.  We do team activities such as morning coffees, weekly quizzes and team lunches. There may also be some happy dancing in the office when we make a placement


If you could give any advice to people starting a career in Recruitment what would it be?

Julie: Recruitment is not for everybody it is a lot of hard work and juggling of priorities trying to keep all the balls in the air. Advice for somebody new in the industry is resilience and always put yourself in the candidate and clients position and treat people how you want to be treated yourself

Mel: I was given 2 pieces of advice when I first started in recruitment by 2 very wise consultants. “Back yourself” and “be upfront/no surprises”. Still resonates with me to this day to trust in your own judgement and be open with clients and candidates


Highlight of your recruitment career so far?

Julie: Highlight, the “thank-you’s” from people, the feeling that I have helped them in their career and life. 


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