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Future Insure Graduate Program

Future Insure Graduate Program

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Protecting the future of Insurance

It frustrates me that there are so many people in our industry that talk about “falling into” Insurance as a career. Whilst I will admit that around 28 years ago, I was one of those people, it is something that I would love to see change! Wouldn’t it be great to hear of school leavers making a very considered and conscious decision to make insurance their career choice? It is such an amazing industry that provides so many opportunities for anyone considering their career direction.

When you consider the types of roles available in the industry, the opportunities are endless. Think of a degree and you can be assured that there is an aligned career direction within Insurance for any graduate to pursue. From Law to Marketing, Engineering, Finance, Commerce and Science, there is a relevant role within the Insurance industry…I once worked with an actual Rocket Scientist at CGU…Who said Insurance isn’t Rocket Science!

There has been so much great work done by the Industry to develop a greater awareness of Insurance as a potential career choice for school leavers (initiatives such as ANZIIF’s “Careers in Insurance” is one example of this) and some fantastic Graduate programs running with some of the major Insurers in the market, but as an industry, I think we can do more!

With that in mind, Fuse Recruitment has partnered with a number of our key clients in the market to launch our Future Insure Graduate Program, an initiative that provides a range of opportunities for graduates to enter the insurance industry and launch their career. With opportunities across the broking, underwriting and agency sectors and a structured development and support program in place, we are excited to bring this initiative to market and proud to partner with some of the industry’s leading businesses to make this happen.

Our Vision for our Future Insure Graduate Program is to create the opportunity for at least 50 Graduates every year to start their professional life in Insurance and continue to help support the ongoing development of the industry with a strong supply of new talent and future leaders. We see this program as an industry focused initiative and a strong reflection of Fuse Recruitment’s position as a true partner to the Insurance industry.

To find out more about our Future Insure Graduate Program, click here.

If you are interested in becoming a Program Partner, or would simply like more information about our Graduate Program, click here or contact Cameron Watson on 0402 276 012.

Written by Cameron Watson, Manager of Insurance and Wealth Management.