12 Tips of Christmas

12 Tips of Christmas

11 Dec 10:00 by Nicole Hart


On the first day of Christmas Santa said to me ...

Make sure all your contact details are correct and up to date on your CV!

It sounds simple, but our contact details often change. And if they aren’t correct then Recruiters won’t be able to get a hold of you.


On the second day of Christmas Santa said to me …

Tailor your CV to the role you are applying for.

Mirror the words and phrases from the job description on your CV and include industry keywords!


On the third day of Christmas Santa said to me …

Identify your skill sets. Make a list of your transferable skills (and check it twice)!

Your skill set is what determines whether you can do a job or not. Transferable skills are skills you develop and can transfer to any role, in any industry; and they’re just as important as hard skills!


On the fourth day of Christmas Santa said to me …

Use data and results to quantify your achievements!

What have you achieved in your role? Adding numbers that quantify your accomplishments tells a Recruiter why they need to hire you!


On the fifth day of Christmas Santa said to me …

Have your references ready!

Having at least three references ready to go can help speed up the recruitment process. Don’t forget to mention to your referees you are applying for new roles and they may get a call about a reference!


On the sixth day of Christmas Santa said to me …

Use a Resume Template to make your CV visually appealing!

Although this is not an essential requirement, templates help make your CV easy for the Recruiter to digest. Don’t forget to get the fundamentals right – something as simple as a few spelling mistakes could lead to your application being rejected. Include necessary information but do it clearly and concisely, using only relevant details.


On the seventh day of Christmas Santa said to me …

If you’re not on LinkedIn or you don’t have a profile on SEEK, you very nearly don’t exist!

Recruiters often begin their search using third-party databases such as SEEK and LinkedIn. If you don’t have a profile, then how are Recruiters meant to approach you with fantastic job opportunities?!


On the eighth day of Christmas Santa said to me …

Prepare for your interview!

Not only should you prepare for questions you may be asked, but you should always ask questions of your own! Think about specific examples you could use to answer your interviewers questions.

You can find question banks here:


On the ninth day of Christmas Santa said to me …

Focus on body language!

Your body language will help you appear confident – even if you are extremely nervous on the inside! Your posture, hands, voice and eye contact can help you exude confidence. It is also important to pay attention to the interviewer’s body language as this can help you gauge whether you are on the right track or not.


On the tenth day of Christmas Santa said to me …

Be honest.

Bending the truth because you want a job can lead to it being a bad fit. Honesty is always the best policy – from both the candidate and the Recruiter!


On the eleventh day of Christmas Santa said to me …

Remain positive!

Hunting for a new job is not always easy, so it’s important to manage your expectations from the beginning. Your job search will likely take time, there may be rejections, but it is important to not take rejection personally and retain a positive attitude. Focus on things in your control that you can change and improve on.


On the twelfth day of Christmas Santa said to me ...

Your will find your next opportunity here!

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