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With Adversity Comes Triumph

With Adversity Comes Triumph

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Life gets hard sometimes.

We know that.

Whether the trigger is work, home life, friends or family - it strikes us all. But what often arises, that we regularly glance past or overlook, is that an above average outcome almost always ensues.

But it’s more than a ‘glass half full’ or ‘silver lining’ approach – it’s about that particular hardship, mistake, accident or challenge unknowingly preparing us for what’s about to come. Or better yet, placing us in the prime position to take the next step towards a better opportunity.

Let me give you an example:

As a recruiter I was tasked with finding 5 candidates for 5 identical roles with a new client with a very specific, non-negotiable start date. In fact, this was my first time working with the client following our initial engagement thus a critical moment to demonstrate the capabilities I’d so openly promised and committed to. I knew I could deliver so that wasn’t a concern and for the larger part – I had. The brief was challenging and candidates were scarcer than expected but I found them.

5 candidates all meeting the brief, screened, interviewed, eager and ready to go.

Now for those in recruitment or even those who have ever done any element of recruitment will know – it’s not done until the ink hits the page and the contract is signed [even then you’d be surprised but that’s another discussion]. So, in the midst of reviewing and signing the offers one candidate - having recalibrated his priorities and motivators over the prior weekend - declined their offer. 8 days out from the impending start date and leaving me having to source another candidate, in a short time frame, who met the brief and was available to start in a week.

But what was an arguably insurmountable task actually lead to a significantly improved outcome! I sourced another candidate who was better aligned to the position, available immediately and they were offered the role. Not only that but in the face of adversity, it demonstrated capability beyond anything I’d intended and reinforced our values and benefit proposition. Triumph in the face of adversity.

So, it really comes down to our outlook – what opportunity is this negative moment or period in time creating?

A loss of job?

A relationship break-up?

Bad result on an assignment?

Poor performance on a work presentation?

It’s an opportunity to learn, grow & improve and a stepping stone to an elevated position.

Just remember, with ADVERSITY comes TRIUMPH!

Written by Aaron White, Recruitment Consultant, Insurance & Wealth Management