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Is your Resume ready for a Facelift?

Is your Resume ready for a Facelift?

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With hundreds of resumes submitted for a job opening it is important you make yours memorable – for the right reasons!


Gone are the days where a CV is to be a professional, boring document. There are many different platforms right at your fingertips which you can use to jazz up your resume (and if you really want to take it to the next level you could create an interactive resume like this!).

The first rule to note is that content is KING! You could have the best-looking CV on the planet but if the information isn’t there then you probably won’t get a call back. Always remember – appearance takes a back seat to content.

Before you get started on your masterpiece, its important you have all the content correct and in a word document. This means you know exactly how much you need to put under each heading, and it will make it easier when you need to space it out. You can also be certain there are no spelling mistakes as some online platforms may not pick these up, or they will correct you to the US spelling. Now you’re ready to create you resume, choose a platform from the suggestions below.



Canva is our favourite option for maximum impact and minimum effort. Canva creates designs easily and has hundreds of premade resume templates for you to choose from. The best thing about Canva is it’s free to use (however you can pay for some features) and you don’t even have to have a design bone in your body to make a professional looking Resume. Canva designs can be downloaded in a range of file types, although we would recommend PDF for a resume document.


CV Template Master

CV Template Master not only provides you with Word resume templates, but also guides and samples to help you. Currently, there are more than 170 templates to choose from, covering a range of occupations and design styles. The best part about CV Template Master is you do not need to register or create an account to download their templates.



Another online platform; Resume-Now is a quick and easy step-by-step assisted way to create your resume. You also have the option to upload your current CV into your chosen template. Resume-Now guides you through the resume making process and gives you a professional end result.


Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word has plenty of ready to use resume templates, as well as matching cover letter templates. Most people are familiar with Microsoft Word, which makes this an easy option for those who like to stick to what they know. Some job ads specify CVs must be submitted in a Word Format, so this is your best option if that’s the case. Microsoft Word has also partnered with LinkedIn to create Resume Assistant, which assists you in creating your CV and is as simple as typing in your Job Title and Industry. You can find out more about how to use Resume Assistant here.



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