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Why You Should be a Recruiter

Why You Should be a Recruiter

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We think being a Recruiter is the best job out there (and we’re completely unbiased of course!).


But it’s often a career path many people don’t think about – or know what you need. You don’t have to have a qualification to be a Recruiter, but there are traits and characteristics that will help you succeed in the role.

Being a Recruiter is truly one of the most rewarding careers. Each and every day you change people’s lives. You connect them with their dream job; you secure a large pay increase that will make a drastic change to the way they live and what they can afford; you set them on a path for success. What other industry can you say makes that happen? Here’s our Top 9 Reasons Why You Should be a Recruiter:


1. You get to meet a vast range of people and personalities

As a Recruiter all we do is deal with people. Whether its Candidates or Clients; you come across a vast range of personalities, cultures, languages and quirks; and you tend to become a very good judge of character.


2. You decide your income

Unlike other roles where no matter how many hours you work, no matter how much effort you put in, no matter how much extra work you complete, and your pay cheque stays the same; you decide your income in Recruitment. Your output is a direct reflection of your performance and compensation is rewarded accordingly.

You’ll generally get a base salary that allows you to live comfortably, however commission allows you to earn as much as you are driven to. Get more Clients, make more placements, bring home the big bucks.


3. No two days are the same

Each role; each Client; each day; is a different experience, with different challenges and requirements. So, you can say good-bye to boring, mundane work days and hello to a fast-paced and exciting work environment! This variety in the job allows you to develop many different tactics and skills and really helps you to grow in your role.


4. You decide your work load

Recruiters have a lot of independence. You’ll get your targets given to you, but how you reach them is up to you. Unless you are underperforming, you are unlikely to have your Manager breathing down your neck. As you grow your books, the trust between you and your Manager will grow too and in turn so will your independence.


5. The technology and industry are constantly evolving

If you think back to the Recruitment industry 20 years ago, it was completely different. If you think back to Recruitment even five years ago it was extremely different to how it is now. Technology has shaken up how people find jobs, how people apply for jobs, and how Recruiters connect Candidates and Clients. The Recruitment industry is one of the most exciting and innovative industries in regard to software innovation. Ten years ago, did we think video would change the application process? Nope! But today, video applications are extremely common among jobs of all levels, across all industries.


6. No qualifications necessary

Recruitment is an easy market to break into so long as you are motivated, you love people and are great at juggling tasks! Organisation is extremely important as you could be juggling four Clients, ten roles and five candidates all at the same time.


7. You get given the tools of the trade

Mobile phone, laptop, tablet, as well as expenses paid for; such as coffees and lunches for top prospects and Clients.


8. You shape your Clients companies through talent

People can make or break a business. Placing good people in your Client's business means you are contributing to the company’s success! And if you place a superstar Candidate who outperforms expectations, they will attribute credit to you. Placing extraordinarie talent with your Clients is the best way to stay top of mind and first choice for any vacancies that company may have.


9.Recruiters will always be in high demand!

The Recruitment market is booming! As the unemployment rate drops and more people are looking for work there’s never been a better time to join the Recruitment industry.


But what does it take to be a Recruiter?

  • You’ll be results driven
  • You’ll be a self-starter
  • You’ll love people
  • You’ll love keeping busy and juggling tasks
  • You’ll be a relationship matchmaker
  • You’ll be open minded
Think you've got what it takes? Jump over to our Join The Team page and apply now!