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We’re more than just a sales pitch!

We’re more than just a sales pitch!

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We’re more than just a sales pitch!


“… I had a site visit from two of your recruiters yesterday, Sibel Dincer and Mathew ter Haar. I just wanted to pass on how impressed I was with their professional approach and willingness to appreciate our recruiting needs. I often tend to shy away from recruiters as sometimes I feel that placing a candidate with a sales pitch is often more important to the recruiter than the quality or suitability of the candidate themselves. Mathew and Sibel actively listened to what type of candidate we require and were extremely enthusiastic at the challenge of finding a pretty unique welder / fabricator with an almost exclusive background in Aluminium.

Just thought I would give you some positive feedback and congratulate you and Fuse Recruitment…”

- Mike L, Operations Manager


We love feedback. Whether it’s good or bad, its always constructive and provides us with an opportunity to improve. But what we love even more is feedback saying that we’ve broken the recruiter stereotype.

You see, many people have a negative perception of recruitment businesses. They think it’s all about the sale. Too often recruiters’ “ghost” candidates or leave your job on the bottom of the pile and don’t tell you. But not us. At Fuse, we take pride in caring for our Candidates and Clients equally.


We received this feedback last week from a new Client, and we think Mike, an Operations Manager from Queensland, is bang on the money. Fuse Consultants listen to our Clients, we identify their needs, we love a challenge, and we deliver a result. Mike's not the only person to be impressed by our quality service and ability to deliver; you can check out our other Client testimonials here.

We’re here to break the stigma around Recruiters. We’re here to show that Recruiters have empathy, compassion, a drive for people – not just sales.


Are you ready to see for yourself? Tell us about a vacancy in your business and we’ll get you the Fuse result; candidates of unbeatable calibre.


Have you heard about our Candidate Amplifier Package?

Sometimes finding that extraordinary employee requires more than just your ordinary search methods. We understand the industries we recruit for. That means we know sometimes you need a role filled fast to meet production needs, or you want to find the best candidates in your industry, which means delving deeper into the passive candidate pool. Our Amplifier Packages bring you your star employee quicker, while showcasing your brand at the forefront of the job advertising world. You’ll get extensive market reach, reduced hiring time and your dream candidate. Contact us today to Amplify your recruiting needs.