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10 Tips for your Attitude at Work

10 Tips for your Attitude at Work

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If you want to be successful, your attitude should be your top priority.

We all choose our attitudes. A positive attitude makes success easy. A negative attitude makes success pointless. It is easy to teach someone skills and functions of the role, but attitude cannot be taught; this comes from within. If you’re looking to improve your attitude at work here’s our top ten tips!


1. Act professionally

The way you carry yourself at work speaks volumes about your work ethic, and yourself. Respect from your Managers and colleagues comes from not only how you handle yourself on a day-to-day basis, but also how you handle yourself in spontaneous and negative situations.


2. Make your desk your nest

You spend the majority of your waking week-day hours at work, so it’s important to make your desk your own space where you feel comfortable. Decorate it how you see fit and keep it clean and tidy. Just make sure you keep your area within your Managers expectations.


3. Take regular breaks

It’s important to step away from your desk, this allows your mind and body to refresh. Even a short burst of fresh air, or a walk around the block can mentally reset you for the rest of the afternoon. Have a healthy snack and drink water regularly.


4. Keep positive

Surround yourself with positive people, positive thoughts and positive things. Upbeat music and podcasts are great to increase positivity; and photos are a great way of evoking happy emotions. Always eliminate negative thoughts; there’s no such things as “I can’t” or “no”. Fill your mind with positive input and don’t rely on an outside source for your positivity.


5. Set goals and crush ‘em

This isn’t just referring to sales targets. It’s important to set yourself personal goals and then do it! Whether it be to learn a new skill or function, or improve on something from the week prior, for example. And more importantly, don’t forget to reward yourself! Once you hit that goal treat yourself to a nice dinner and movie with a friend or purchase that item you’ve been wanting for a while.


6. Manage your workload

Stress can have a big impact on your productivity. If you are feeling overwhelmed talk to your Manager and co-workers to see if you can get extra help or support. Sometimes simply talking about your workload out loud can help you prioritise, relieve some stress and see a clear pathway to managing you work.


7. Fake it ‘til you make it

Have you ever been mad, and someone has made you smile or laugh and suddenly you don’t feel as mad anymore? We don’t always feel the emotion we want to, but don’t wait for the right one to come to you. Drive your emotions and don’t let them drive you. If you don’t feel happy about something “fake it” and more often than not, that feeling will come.


8. Get a good night’s sleep

Sleep is a way for the body and mind to rest and reset itself. It is important for our health, concentration and mental state. How we slept the night before can have a big impact on our performance at work. Find out tips for a great night’s sleep here!


9. Breathe deeply

Breathing deeply tricks your body into calming down. If you’re feeling stressed or irritated, breathe deeply and slowly; it can help reduce your stress and improve your attitude.


10. Remember no one owes you anything

Get rid of an attitude of entitlement. Remember these points: It’s up to me to make things happen; Hard work is what brings good things; I have to be willing to accept change quickly; When things are difficult, I still keep going. The right mindset can make a world of difference.


Introducing these ten tips at work can help improve your attitude, improve productivity and drive personal success! With a positive attitude problems shrink and opportunities will grow.