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Things to ask your boss for instead of more money

Things to ask your boss for instead of more money

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You spend 40 hours a week at work, so the enjoyment of your job is a huge factor in your overall happiness and wellbeing. How much you are paid does affect this, however, money is not the most important thing when it comes to job satisfaction.


Today’s employers know this, and they know that to keep the best employees they have to offer them more than just their base salary.  As a result, employers are more likely to fill out employment packages to boost the value of a job at their firm by offering non-traditional perks.

If you think you deserve more from your employer but don’t want to ask for a pay rise, there are other benefits you can consider requesting.


Flexible hours

Especially after working from home was forced upon us last year, flexibility has become more and more important to the modern employee, who must juggle work, family commitments and leisure activities. With a flexible work schedule, you will not only be better able to meet family needs and personal obligations, but you will also be able to work when you accomplish most and feel freshest. Furthermore, flexible work hours can reduce valuable time spent commuting, and the stresses associated with rush hour.

If your employer is open to it, try asking to work some days of the week at home or for a change in hours. Flexibility can play a huge part in improving your overall work-life balance.

Health and fitness benefits

Exercise is proven to help sharpen your focus and improve your mood. Mental health and general well-being have obvious impacts on your performance. If you're struggling to get yourself up to exercise, maybe you'll be more inclined to if your boss was covering part of the fees to a fitness class or for a gym membership.

More team activities

Social events are great for team building - they don't even have to be formal team building activities. Not only would this be a benefit to yourself but the whole team would also appreciate it. A stronger team culture will improve the whole business's performance. You'll look forward to coming in to see your workmates and working together will become less like... work. Ask your employer to organise a morning tea or some after-work activities. Or, take initiative and try to organise something yourself and ask your team to join in.

At Fuse, we have a group chat to organise social events so that everyone can get involved. Everyone has a chance to better get to know each other and we always come back to work with the best memories and stories to tell.


Better office

While financial resources may be limited at your company, often space is not. Instead of asking for a pay rise, you can consider asking your employer for a better office or workspace. Where you work has an enormous impact on how you work, affecting your ability to focus and your overall productivity, which means the design of your office is of utmost importance. 

If you're sitting next to a window where it's too hot to work, consider asking for blinds or asking to move to a different part of the office. If you're finding that your posture is being affected by your set up, talk about getting a standing desk or ask for things to be adjusted to suit your body. Or, if you need a place to focus, consider asking your boss if you can move to a workspace with a window, a spot in a quiet corner, or if it’s available. Ask to upgrade from a cubical to your own office. 

With a better office space, not only will you work more efficiently, but you’ll also feel more accomplished in your company and project success to your colleagues and clients.


Title change

Your job title is more than just a definition of your responsibilities. Your position title conveys your level of authority and responsibility within an organisation. Being labelled as someone of a higher level in the company is distinguishing and allows for greater access and recognition.

It is for all of these reasons that a different job title can enhance your future employability prospects and is something you can ask your boss to consider.


A new project

Asking to work on a project that interests you is another request that your employer is likely to grant. Being part of an exciting new project can increase your enjoyment at work, give you the chance to work with different departments and get to know others in the organisation.

It will also boost your skills and experience which, in turn, will boost your performance. Showing your initiative and pitching ideas is also a good way to work towards a promotion and pay rise further down the line.



Giving regular feedback doesn’t cost your employer much in terms of money or effort, and so it's something that you can, and should, consider asking for. Use feedback on your professional performance to continuously evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses, and take steps to improve to increase your professional development.

If you are open to learning new skills and building upon your existing skill-set, you will not only be more likely to be considered for a promotion, but you’ll also enhance your career prospects with other organisations.


Professional education opportunities

Professional development is an important part of your career and something you can ask your employer to assist with. Ask your employer to finance your membership of a professional organisation or fund your place at an external training day. Another alternative is to consider asking your manager to invite interesting guest speakers or run classes and seminars within your organisation to advance your own and your colleagues’ business knowlegde. You could also ask to be subsidised for undertaking a course that's relevant to your work.

Most employers will be open to their employees' self-development as the results will translate into better performance of the overall business. It's a win-win situation.

These simple requests can improve your working environment, your work ethic and your productivity; which can ultimately lead to increased job satisfaction. If you've implemented these tips and you're still feeling unsatisfied in your current role, browse our job board to explore open opportunities!