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Hire the Attitude to Create the Culture

Hire the Attitude to Create the Culture

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Workplace culture reinforces the way a business operates, and is evident in everything from how workers dress, to what time they come in, how they spend their lunch hours and their work ethic.

A good workplace culture can improve productivity, increase the entire company’s marketability, form strong connections between employees, and reduce staff turnover.  Recruitment is a critical component in ensuring that employees have the right cultural fit for the organisation.

Recruitment and selection are absolutely critical to first establish and then maintain positive workplace environments. Hiring the wrong individuals can be disastrous to workplaces all over the globe.

How do recruiters ensure culture fit?

We all know that people differ in their personalities, attitudes, and values; these differences extend into their work environment. At Fuse Recruitment, we recognise that having a deep understanding of each candidate’s individual personality is profoundly important in placing him or her with the right organisation.

We know that work feeds into many different aspects of our lives, from self-identity to self-esteem, and opportunities for personal and professional growth. As such, it’s vital that the employee not only fits with the organisation, but that the organisation also works for the employee. This is culture fit.

“Recruitment is directly related to the workplace environment. As Consultants, we choose the right person not just based on skill, but also on their behaviour and cultural fit in the team, selecting candidates that we believe will have a positive impact on the workplace environment.” [Leah Creswick, Senior Recruitment Consultant]

As Recruiters, it is our responsibility to understand the organisation culture of our Clients. In addition to assessing a Candidate’s work experience and technical abilities we also ask questions relating to their life outside of work to understand if they will be a good fit for the team and business in general. Hiring someone who isn't a fit culturally can lead to high staff turnover, particularly if it is a senior role that involves managing people. Negative behaviour can spread within a team.

Reduce staff turnover with culture fit

The first step to reducing turnover is to choose Candidates who fit the culture of the organisation, however getting them on board is only the start. Our Recruiters emphasised the importance of ensuring your staff members know they are valued and not just a number. In order to do this, they recommend open and regular communication with purpose, as well as rewarding staff for their efforts, providing training and up-skilling staff so that they can be to be promoted quicker within the business. If you believe that you have the right people within your business - engage them. Understand what it is that motivates and inspires them to work hard for your business and leverage on that. Review why people, especially the right people, leave your business. If there is an obvious trend that is blocking your ability to retain the right people an exit interview will usually identify it.

For more advice on hiring people with the right culture fit for your business, contact our friendly team at your local Fuse office.