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How To Succeed In An Insurance Career: Tips From The Experts

How To Succeed In An Insurance Career: Tips From The Experts

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“… I actually worked with a Rocket Scientist at CGU…who said you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to work in Insurance! …” Cameron Watson, Manager of Insurance & Wealth Management


The insurance industry offers a wealth of rewarding, challenging and dynamic job roles, from entry-level positions through to senior management roles.  With huge potential for career growth and development, it’s a valuable industry to enter and progress in.

You may not need to be a rocket scientist to work in the insurance industry ... but if you’re considering a career in insurance, or want to advance your career in the industry, there are certain skills and attributes that are highly desirable to have.

What do employers look for in a successful candidate, or employee?  Our recruitment experts offer their recommendations on growing a successful insurance career.


Qualifications for graduates

There are a huge variety of entry-level and graduate roles in insurance.  Outside of the traditional Sales, Broking, Underwriting and Claims roles within the industry, there are whole range of roles that suit (and require) specialist qualifications.

Organisations take on graduates based on what they believe they can bring to the organisation and what they can contribute to the company long term.  Many graduates who have come through insurance companies’ graduate schemes have gone on to run large parts of insurance businesses in both Australian and Asian markets.  

Skills learned at university can be applied in the insurance industry. Any degree, from Law to Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Technology and Engineering can open up doors within the insurance industry.

The hardest part about attracting new talent to the Insurance industry is in fact, there is no clear pathway into insurance. You can’t go to university and graduate with an insurance degree. We discovered many of our Clients were struggling to recruit graduates into their businesses, so we created our Future Insure Graduate Program. If you’ve recently completed university and are looking for a graduate role, head on over to our Graduate page and find out more information about Future Insure.


Further qualifications for employees

Employers and recruiters alike consider a good approach to business and willingness to learn to be highly desirable qualities in a candidate.  Do everything you can to continually learn and develop your professional skills, knowledge and capability.

Obtaining your Tier 1 and Tier 2 qualifications, and any other relevant insurance certificates, is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and interest in the industry and position yourself as a strong candidate for career advancement. 


Desirable qualities in candidates

On top of your education, solid work history and knowledge of the insurance market, there are several qualities that recruiters look for in potential candidates.  Drive, motivation and ambition are essential, while standing out from the pack hinges on your ability to truly engage in an interview.


Attitude is essential

As many candidates will possess the same qualifications and experience, separating them often comes down to individual attitude.  It’s imperative that you demonstrate an ability to take on comments about your own development needs, and have a can-do attitude towards your role, as well as a drive to stay up to date in such a fast-moving industry.


As is networking

Building a professional network can help accelerate your success within the insurance industry.  Recruiters stay very close to the market, continually spotting and establishing a huge network of potential talent.  Develop your network both on and offline by attending industry events, joining relevant industry groups and building a solid LinkedIn profile.  By getting your name out there, and associating yourself with your insurance expertise, you are more likely to be noticed by recruiters and potential employers in a candidate short market. 


Create a development plan

Establish clear career goals and a development plan to get you there with a manager or mentor who can help you.  Talk to them openly and welcome their feedback.  Believe in yourself, learn from your mistakes and always look forward to your goals.


Finally, have patience.  With the right skills, abilities and personality, you will succeed in your career but, it may take time to get there.  Focus on the destination, and make sure you enjoy the journey.


If you’ve decided to look for a new role in insurance, browse our open opportunities here!