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Your Company Is Represented By Your Recruitment Process

Your Company Is Represented By Your Recruitment Process

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Whether internal or external, the person recruiting for your role is the first point of contact for candidates. This means they are shaping the first impression that your potential employee has of the company.

“Generally, the recruitment process will reflect the organisation that you are going to work with. Long bureaucratic processes or short one-step processes will reflect the business. Neither are right or wrong and will have their own consequences in candidate selection.” - Matt Christensen, Founding Partner and Director

Your recruitment process is a vital part of your company image, no matter what your specific methods, the entire system should be organised, streamlined and constructive.

Recruitment is very important as it represents the level of professionalism the company demonstrates.

Recruitment mistakes can negatively impact your business.

At Fuse Recruitment, we’ve seen several recruitment horror stories as a result of a lack of process.

“I was given a Storeman position, for which I found an excellent candidate that my customer thought looked great, but they decided to fill the job themselves.  In the end, they didn’t manage to fill it themselves and I was given back the role, but the candidate had moved on. It then took longer to fill than it would have it initially resulting in delays to the customer’s business.” - Steven Nguyen, Recruitment Consultant

“I have seen clients who haven't read the dynamism of the market and insisted on lengthy four step processes that take six weeks to carry out, and because of that delay, the prime candidate that they identified very early on fell out due to other offers.”  - Matt Christensen.

Benefits of using a recruitment service:

The above examples demonstrate just how difficult it can be to find the right candidate, however with the right recruitment service, the likelihood increases significantly.  This is because the recruitment service will ensure that only suitable candidates make it through to the final stage and makes sure that both parties are on the same page. At Fuse Recruitment, we take the time to understand what is required of the candidate and to assess their fit with the business.

Tyson McNeilly, Founding Partner at Fuse Recruitment, explained, “The recruitment process is often one of the major (and only) ways that companies engage the public. It is critical that a company is reflected professionally, and an organised and responsive recruitment process is paramount.”

The recruitment processes at Fuse are defined to ensure that we are the best in our profession. We make sure that both Candidates and Clients are comfortable that the correct processes are being followed. 

Furthermore, we know that without an organised, methodical and constructive recruitment process, any Candidates submitted for any roles will bear a high risk of being unsuitable. Without stringent processes in place, you leave yourself open to employing a Candidate who is not right for the company, which can be a costly mistake.

Recruitment has a very strong base in image and perception.  At Fuse Recruitment we know that it’s important to represent the same level of professionalism that our client’s company demonstrates and work closely with them to help improve their business.

If you're thinking about using a recruitment business for the first time, head on over to our Hire Talent page for more information and to request a call back. One of our friendly Fuse Consultants will be in contact!