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Employee Behaviour At Work Functions: Do’s & Don’ts

Employee Behaviour At Work Functions: Do’s & Don’ts

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In a lot of industries, work functions and networking events are a common occurrence – they certainly are in Recruitment!


Before a work function, managers are often already breaking into a sweat at the thought.  While work functions are an ideal chance to let your hair down with colleagues, sometimes the fun gets a bit out of hand.

Remember that the rules of behaviour inside company premises also apply to company organised events held outside of work; and all the office rules against bullying and inappropriate comments or sexual behaviour should still be followed.

As such, there are certain things that employees should and shouldn’t do at a work function.  Here are Fuse Recruitment’s top do's and don'ts:


Don't get too drunk! 

While you should be able to let your hair down and enjoy the evening, it’s a good idea to pace yourself when it comes to alcohol.  After consuming a bit too much, you are much more likely to say or do something you later regret.  Singing loudly, swearing profusely, or starting a fight are behaviours that are unlikely to help your work reputation.


Don’t be overly flirtatious

At a party where alcohol is flowing, it can be easy to misconstrue a situation. Be careful around a colleague you are attracted to.  What you think is friendly and harmless flirting may be received badly by your colleague, and sexual harassment rules apply at a work function just as much as in the office.


Do dress appropriately

You’re going out, you want to get dressed up and really enjoy your evening.  There’s nothing wrong with putting in a bit of extra effort, but when choosing your outfit remember that a work function is still an office event, and tight, revealing clothing may not be appropriate to wear in front of your employer and colleagues.


Don't post pictures or updates online

Posting status updates or pictures on social media that detail what you and your colleagues are doing after a few drinks can be a bad idea.  Remember that this information is likely to be seen by your colleagues’ friends or family, which may embarrass them and break their trust in you.


Do eat

While ‘eating may be cheating’ when you’re on a night out with friends, the same does not apply when it comes to a work function.  Eat before the party to ensure you don’t end up too drunk too quickly or start scoffing finger food as soon as it is served.  Neither of these are good looks, especially in front of your colleagues and managers.


Don’t make inappropriate jokes

Anything that may be construed as remotely offensive should be avoided at all costs.  Off-colour jokes, sexist comments and racial remarks have no place at an office party.


These simple precautions can help you avoid negative consequences and awkward encounters the next time you’re in the office. And most importantly … don’t forget to have fun!