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Innovative Recruitment Agency? The jury agrees!

Innovative Recruitment Agency? The jury agrees!

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We like to think of ourselves as an innovative recruitment business.

Not only are we utilising some of the world’s most advanced recruitment technologies that allow us real-time insight into our data and accurate understanding of exactly what’s happening in the job market (and that’s just a few examples); but we pride ourselves on creating new service offerings that are genuinely going to change our customers business operations for the better.

Sure, we create a tailored recruitment strategy and solution for each and every customer; but we go deeper than that.  We listen to our industries – after all, they are our speciality!  At Fuse, we come from backgrounds in Infrastructure, Utilities, Manufacturing and Insurance & Wealth Management.  It’s part of what gives us "our edge".  We understand the technical skills and needs of each role, because we have worked as forklift operators; we’ve assembled medical devices in laboratories; we’ve worked as a senior leader in some of the largest insurance names in the Australian market.  So those issues our customers and their employees face?  We have first-hand experience facing them too.  Which is why we are in the best position to provide innovative and market-leading solutions.

And it’s not just us living with our heads in the clouds thinking we are innovative.  In fact, we’ve been nominated for two business innovation awards this year!

Our first nomination was for Business Innovation at the RSCA Australian Industry Awards.  We attended the black tie RCSA Industry Awards in Sydney in June and had a great night celebrating with many other incredible recruiters.

Recently we were nominated for Best Innovation with the Global Recruiter Awards.  We are awaiting results with the awards ceremony being hosted on the 7th November at the Park Royal on Pickering in Singapore.  (Wish us luck!)

Fuse Recruitment at the RCSA Awards in Sydney.  Back row: Melanie Dunn, Cameron Watson, Tyson McNeilly, Mathew ter Haar, Aaron White, Amy Hatfield, Leanne Hewes.  Front row: Kristina Gerges, Nicole Hart, Anastasia Watson.

But what is our innovation?

A solution to the ongoing challenge of attracting and engaging talent into the Insurance industry.

We discovered this was an issue many of our Clients were facing.  With no clear pathway into insurance it’s no wonder our Clients were struggling to attract graduates; as many grads don’t even think about insurance as a career path!

Now we could probably compare the insurance industry to the recruitment industry – it’s got a rather tarnished reputation in the market; a lot of people hate us (*sad face*) and the majority of people aren’t aware of what an incredible industry it is to work in!  When we think about insurance, we don’t instantly think varied and rewarding.  But in fact, that’s exactly what it is!  Everyday, people in the insurance industry change lives.  Imagine being able to tell a customer that their claim is settled, and they can continue to afford to put food on the table for their family?  It’s heart-warming really.

We created our Future Insure Graduate Program to provide our Clients with a pipeline of highly engaged future talent, while providing graduates the best opportunity at kick starting a career in insurance.  We control and oversee the entire recruitment process for the graduate program, removing the administration for our Clients who simply don’t have time to dedicate because they are too busy running their day-to-day operations.

We host assessment centres and career days where graduates get to meet their prospective employers – our Program Partners.  And once they’ve started their insurance career, we continue to be a support network, hosting regular graduate networking events to ensure the success of our Future Insure grads.

In a nutshell, you could say we are insuring the future of the insurance industry in Australia!  ….  No biggie.

So, if you’re looking for a recognised innovative recruitment partner to provide tailored and ground-breaking solutions for your staffing needs then look no further!  Request a call back in the form below and one of our inventive Recruitment Consultants will contact you shortly.