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My First Week At Fuse: Jaquline Farag

My First Week At Fuse: Jaquline Farag

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My first week at Fuse Recruitment was an awesome first week! 

I was made to feel welcomed by the team right away and felt the warmth and the positive culture that Fuse have developed. I was welcomed with a card signed by everyone excited to meet me which was really sweet. Everyone here is very approachable, and happy to answer all my questions no matter how silly they have been. I have had amazing training, and everyone has been so supportive and encouraging. I came away from the first week feeling excited for what the future holds for me at Fuse Recruitment. I am thrilled to be a part of such a strong, beautiful team and I know I have all the support I need here to succeed in my career with Fuse. It’s been great getting stuck right into the job and I am ready to smash out week 2!



• Greet and meet everyone in the office and given a tour of the office site and what is around
• Attended a morning sales meeting to track how everyone is performing
• Went through the staff Induction and Training Manual
• Introduction to Bullhorn (Watched learning videos)
• Attended my first candidate meeting with Leah
• Attended a weekly Technical team catch up with Leah and Steven
• Introduction to assigned roles (was given my first job to recruit for)



• One-on-one with Matthew Christensen (Director) to educate me on client visits and workplace risk assessments
• Was shown means of sourcing candidates (Bullhorn, Seek, LinkedIn and Talent Insights)
• A second job was assigned to me and I began sourcing and recruiting candidates
• Attended another candidate meeting
• Began discussing Business development activities and strategies



• Interviewed my first candidate solo
• Attended morning tea which was lovely to see that it is a regular activity in the office
• Created a job ad
• Performed reference checks for 2 candidates
• Trained on how to write up a candidate profile
• Attended a Manufacturing channel meeting



• Began writing up candidate profiles
• Watched recruitment training videos which were excellent as they provided many tips
• Trained on the Permanent Recruitment and Contract/ Temporary Recruitment Process
• Began business development cold calls



• Expectation meeting (Discussed KPI’s and what is expected of me)
• Set up my Cube19 and trained on how to read it
• Trained on how to search for candidates using some tips and tricks I.e. Boolean searching
• Submitted Candidate profiles
• Began developing a BD list of my own in relation to the particular sector that I was given to target
• We finished work early so we can have work drinks as a team and played board games to unwind which was so nice!


Jaquline Farag joins the Fuse Melbourne team as a Recruitment Consultant.


You can connect with Jaquline here!

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