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My First Week At Fuse: Jasmine Tite

My First Week At Fuse: Jasmine Tite

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From my very first day, working at Fuse Recruitment, I was made to feel like a part of the team!

Everyone seemed so happy to meet me. I was even given a welcome card signed by everyone in the Melbourne office.



My first day, Monday, started with a team sales meeting which covered how our office is tracking for the month, both at a branch level and an individual level.  I sat with Madeleine (our Team Leader of Insurance & Wealth Management) for most of the day training on the systems we use, such as Bullhorn, LinkedIn and Seek.  I also attended candidate screenings with other Consultants.  I spent the afternoon watching webinars and understanding how we use our database.



On my second day I was assigned my first role to start recruiting for!  I searched the database for potential candidates with Leah and attended candidate meetings with the other Resourcers on our team.  By the end of the day I had three candidate meetings set up.  I also learnt how to write a job ad and post it to numerous job boards.



Today was my birthday!  I arrived at work to find flowers on my desk and then a surprise birthday cake.  I hadn’t even mentioned it to anyone!  Leah and I interviewed one of my potential candidates, she seemed perfect for the role.  I learnt how to put together a candidate profile and sent this off to be presented to the client.



I was able to call my candidate and let her know that we had set up an interview for her!  I was also assigned another role to source for, so I spent most of my day using my new skills to search the database for new candidates to speak to.



Casual Friday!  I sat with Matt (our Victoria Director) on Friday to talk about my KPI’s and we established the expectations for my first 3 months.  It was quiet in the office, so we had music playing and ended the day with drinks, snacks and games.


I have found it difficult trying to cover everything I have learnt over my first week because we covered so much already in such a short time.  I came away from my first week feeling encouraged and excited for this new chapter!  I am happy to have been so warmly welcomed into the Fuse team and can’t wait to continue growing within this amazing environment.



My first week in a nutshell:



• Introduction to Fuse & the team
• Sales Meeting
• System Training
• Candidate Meetings



• Jobs Meeting
• Recruitment Videos
• First candidate assigned
• Calling Candidates and setting up meetings
• Attending candidate meetings



• Morning tea, flowers and birthday cake
• Creating a candidate profile
• Creating a job ad



• Searching the data base (Bullhorn)
• Searching Seek Premium Talent Search
• Searching LinkedIn recruiter



• Submitting CV
• Screening and Interviewing
• KPI Discussion
​• Expectations for the next 3 months


Jasmine Tite joins the Fuse Melbourne team as a Recruitment Resourcer with nine years of client services management experience. Jasmine is eager to begin a career that challenges her current way of thinking; which is why she is excited to join the wealth of knowledge in the Fuse team.

Jasmine has a passion for all aspects of Human Resources and strives to provide high quality support and excellent customer service skills to her clients. 

You can connect with Jasmine here!


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