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My First Week at Fuse: Chelsey Elfverson

My First Week at Fuse: Chelsey Elfverson

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Today was a public holiday.  I spent the day with my family, JetSkiing and tubing.  I didn’t take into account how much sun I was actually getting and as a result, was severely sunburnt by the end of the day.

I arrived on my first day as a Fuse employee - red and swollen in the face from my sunburn - to find my desk decorated with chocolates, a card signed by the whole office and other welcome gifts from my new team, I instantly felt like I belonged.

My day began with an opening meeting with my Team Leader Melissa and Tyson, briefing me on the company and it’s goals and plans for the future.  I was then run through the systems used everyday to generate the results spoken about, went through the required HR policies and documents and sat in as many interviews as I could.  Before I knew it my first day had come to an end.

Today did not at all go to plan.  I woke Wednesday morning to the absolute horror of not being able to open my eyes much at all.  I went straight to the hospital, where I was diagnosed with second degree facial burns from my sunburn, causing my eyes to swell shut - the doctor informed me that the swelling was that bad around my eyes, it was leaving me with little vision and so he would not sign off on me to drive to work that day.

I was devastated.  I felt as though I was already letting my team down by not being there on my second day.  Mel provided me with tasks I could complete from home; I watched all required Bullhorn training videos, added my own contacts to company files and better familiarised myself with the systems used.

I hadn’t recovered by Thursday but I was feeling significantly better and excited to smash out some more training!  I was welcomed back by my team in the morning and spent most of the day sitting in interviews and interacting more with the candidates, familiarising myself with the process.  That afternoon I had my first one-on-one interview with a candidate. That same candidate turned out to be my very first placement!

The last day of my first week at Fuse arrived so quickly!  I had a KPI and targets overview meeting with my team leader, where we also discussed how the next three months were to unfold.  I was then to perform reference checks, before placing my first two candidates in their new roles!

My first week at Fuse went anything but smoothly, but it also turned out to be one of my best weeks yet.  My incredibly supportive team made the rough transition - from my quality manufacturing background, into my new role as a resourcer - better than I could have hoped!



Chelsey Elfverson is a Recruitment Resourcer based in Brisbane.  Connect with Chelsey or view her latest jobs here!