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The Importance of Workplace Values and Cultural Fit

The Importance of Workplace Values and Cultural Fit

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As a Recruitment Resourcer, I can confidently say that cultural fit is always considered when conducting new hires.

An organisation’s work culture is essentially the glue that holds employees together.  From the hiring manager’s perspective, knowledge, skills, and abilities can be taught through training and mentoring.  However, when it comes to a candidate’s morals, values, and overall fit in the organisation, it’s not that simple. 

At the end of the day, people spend more time at work and with their colleagues than they do at home with their family or friends.  This is why cultural fit based questions are commonly part of the interview process.  From my personal experience many candidates don’t prepare for these kinds of questions.

Here are three steps to ensure you’re the right cultural fit:

Step 1: Do your research

First of all, you have to find out what the company’s core values actually are.  Generally, company values are explicitly outlined on company websites and are reflected through their social media channels.  Companies are proud of their values and they want potential employees to know who they are.  Another tip is to research company reviews, on websites such as Indeed or Glassdoor, to see how current and past employees describe the culture. 

Q: But what if I am using a recruitment agency who is unable to disclose the company prior to an interview?

A: Well, you can most certainly ask them!  As they deal directly with the company, a reputable recruitment agency will be more than happy to provide you with some insight into the organisational culture.

Step 2: Match the company’s values against your personal values

Determining whether the company values align with your personal values can greatly benefit you.  Comparing these values helps deepen your understanding of a company and assists in identifying if you’d genuinely like to work for them.  Also, having knowledge of the culture and being able to pinpoint where your own personal characteristics align will assist in impressing an interviewer.  You can express your alignment with the company values by providing examples that demonstrate how your attitude and mindset make you a suitable candidate – you’re bound to get one of those intimidating “key strengths and personal attribute” questions.

Key tip:

Be prepared to talk about yourself, discuss your interests, and ask questions during an interview.  Discussing your interests helps both yourself and the interviewer to further gauge whether you’re the right cultural fit. 

Step 3: Be true to who you are

Considering cultural fit in hiring decisions doesn’t mean an organisation will recruit a cookie-cutter candidate.  The values that make up a workplace culture can and should be reflected in a diverse workforce.  So, don’t feel as though you need to alter your personality to fit in with a work culture. 

The bottom line is be true to who you are; truthfully state your characteristics and values.  The ability to earn more money or gain career growth are excellent reasons to take on new opportunities.  Just remember to consider the culture of an organisation.  Otherwise, you could end up working with a company that is incompatible with who you are. 

Lauren James is a Recruitment Resourcer is based in our Brisbane office and specialises in the Manufacturing industry. Connect with Lauren or view her latest jobs here!