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The Importance of Video during Self-Isolation

The Importance of Video during Self-Isolation

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Over the last two weeks I have been isolated from the Fuse business, working from home.

In this time, I haven’t had much choice other than using Microsoft Teams video calling to make my daily calls and catch ups with the team.

It quickly became apparent to me that a) video calling and conferencing is going to be absolutely vital to the sanity, engagement and survival of our team during the outbreak of COVID-19; and b) video calling is something we should implement into our business daily moving forward.

Video calling has many benefits on any ‘normal’ day at work. Firstly (and most obviously) it allows you to see the person you’re talking to; and with offices across four different states in Australia this can come in handy. When we interact with someone face to face, we receive visual cues; we can read their body language and see the expression on their face. In a time like the present where many people will soon be forced to self-isolate and work from home for a prolonged period of time due to the COVID-19 outbreak, these visual cues could provide a lifeline to some people. You will be able to see / sense / hear if they are not okay, something you may have missed if it was a quick chat over the phone.

Through video you can also elevate the clarity of communication. Not just through the ability of being able to see the other person and their gestures, but through screen sharing! It’s just like having someone physically sitting at your desk and look at something on your computer. It allows team members to work collaboratively.

Working from home creates isolation within our teams. As a business mostly made up of Recruitment Consultants, many of our staff members will have regular human contact (albeit over the phone). But for our Accounts, Payroll, Administrative and Marketing teams, who do not spend a large proportion of their time on the phone, video calling will provide a friendly face and extra motivation to keep on going.

Moving forward, in both this difficult time and in future, Team Fuse will be using video calling on a daily basis and I believe it will really strengthen the bonds between our offices and team members, allowing us to work more efficiently with engaged staff.

Written by Mathew Westcott, Managing Director of Fuse Recruitment.