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The Easiest Guide to Overcoming First Day Jitters and Exceeding Expectations

The Easiest Guide to Overcoming First Day Jitters and Exceeding Expectations

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Boy does it feel good to land an amazing new job, but that confidence can quickly turn to butterflies in the lead up, here’s how to use them for greatness.

In the lead up to my first day at Fuse it felt like I had a family of butterflies having a dance party in my stomach. Feeling determined, I tried and tested all of the nerve-squashing options and managed to not only overcome nerves but exceed all expectations and I’m about to show you how you can do the same. Deep breaths and read on.

Step 1 Accept and re-brand your nerves

According to the legends at Healthline, nervousness is a natural response to a stressful event. So first things first, remind yourself that there’s nothing wrong with nervousness, it’s just excitement in disguise. Something that can be extremely helpful in these butterfly-filled moments is as simple as asking yourself: what’s the worst that can happen? Then think about if that’s rational or likely? Chances are it’s neither, so tell yourself it’s time for excitement. This is where nervous energy gets harnessed into something that will help and not hinder you.

Step 2 Knowledge builds confidence (and confidence is everything)

Now that you’ve accepted and re-branded those nerves it’s time to build up your confidence. Time to sign the forms, study the business objectives, take notes, and remind yourself you’ve got this. Knowledge is power and you’ve got all the knowledge you need to start shooting goals. Bonus Points: practice your introductions so you have something to say that you don’t need to worry about in the moment.

Step 3 It’s go-time

Now for the great impression part, get excited because it’s simpler than you could ever have imagined. Show. Up. Early.

Bonus Points: map out your route to work and find multiple parking options nearby. Opt for pre-pay parking where possible.

Step 4 Talk to e v e r y o n e

Don’t wait, introduce yourself - you practiced this remember? Get to know everyone’s names, then you can ask your colleagues for help when you need it. No one expects you to know it all on the first day, and asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness!

Top Tip: ask your co-workers for the best coffee spots nearby, then ask if they want to join you at one of their suggestions! Too easy.

Step 5 Don’t make a run for the door

When the clock strikes 5 don’t run, ask your boss for a quick chat. Taking the time to check in and seeing how your boss feels about the day is the smoothest way to show your dedication and professionalism and they will love you for it. 

Now that you've started your new job if you're looking to challenge yourself further and enhance impressions, check out some more tips to help you succeed.