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Top Tips For Filming A One-Way Video Interview

Top Tips For Filming A One-Way Video Interview

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So you've landed yourself a one-way video interview! This may feel a little unnatural, but just try to relax and be yourself.

To ensure you put your best foot forward we’ve put together our best tips to help you make your video interview the best it can be.

1) Audio!

The most crucial part of your video is the sound. It’s important to keep background noise to a minimum as it can be quite distracting for the viewer. Headphones will help you record the clearest sound, but if you don’t have headphones handy try ensure you film in a room with as little echo as possible

2) Lighting!

Ensure the light isn’t coming from behind you as it will make your face dark and shadowy; and natural light is always best! A nice spot beside the window should do the trick.

3) Your surroundings!

Try to make this as professional as possible. Filming your video propped up in bed probably isn’t the best look, but at a desk or a dining table is totally fine.

4) Speech rate!

Be wary you don’t talk fast, it’s easy to do when we’re nervous but if you make a conscious effort to talk slowly, you’ll find you speak at the perfect rate.

5) Show your personality!

This is your chance to introduce not just your capabilities, but who you are as a person. Be happy, smile, tell us about your hobbies! 

Your one-way video interview consists of questions that have been specifically chosen for the role you’ve applied for. You’ll get one minute to think about how you want to answer the question before your recording starts. Feel free to skip the waiting time if you’re ready to go!

After you’ve answered the question, you’ll have the opportunity to review your video and re-record if you’re not happy with the answer.

If you have any questions during your video interview or you get stuck, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call your consultant.

Happy recording!