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5 Reasons you should use a recruiter for your next hire

5 Reasons you should use a recruiter for your next hire

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Did you know on average it can cost $5000 and take 42 days to hire a new employee? Here is why it’s important to partner with a recruitment company that genuinely works with your business to find the right people to help you grow, with superior talent acquisition outcomes.

1. Save time and money

If you don’t have the experience, creating a job ad can be a strenuous activity and to optimise an ad for the best results can cost a hefty amount. Not to mention all the time that you’ll need to dedicate to sorting through applications, which is particularly time-consuming with the effects of COVID-19 on the job market. We have seen a huge increase in the number of applications for each role as unemployment rates in Australia have risen to 6.9%; and skyrocketed to 14.3% unemployment in youth. Employment Hero has estimated the cost of a new hire can be between $3,500 - $5000 … and that is without factoring in the extra time spent sifting through increased applications due to COVID-19.

2. Recruiters have exclusive access to some of the best candidates

At Fuse, we have existing relationships with some extremely skilled candidates in the market.

As recruiters, we can also access the passive candidate market –those who are not actively looking for a new role, who are virtually unfindable on typical job platforms.

According to LinkedIn, passive candidates make up 75% of the workforce and despite 60% of the workforce not actively looking for new jobs, they are willing to discuss new opportunities.

The tricky part about this is finding the right candidates in that 60%. That’s where Fuse can help. We have access to third-party databases, such as SEEK and LinkedIn, where we can tap into the passive candidate market and engage candidates who are not active in the market.

3. Less stress with a guarantee period

Hiring through a recruiter like Fuse, comes with a guarantee period, meaning if the candidate does not work out, we will find you a replacement free of charge!

Our candidates far exceed expectations, with 92% of our permanent placements well outlasting their guarantee period. We match candidates with our clients not only on skill set but culture fit and career ambitions too, ensuring a lasting placement and ROI on the cost of hiring through a recruitment agency.

4. Experience means finding the best candidate – faster

Recruiters are experienced in dealing with candidates at all stages of the recruitment process, from resume and phone screening to face-to-face interviews, contract negotiations and post-placement. This means we are able to gauge whether candidates are being genuine and honest. Our teams also have experience working directly in the industries they recruit for, so they understand the technical needs and skills of each role.

At Fuse, we specialise in a top to bottom service for our clients. We understand our client's businesses and the importance of the cultural fit.

Hiring the right candidate, the first time, can save you an estimated $5,000 and 42 days that it would take you to replace them!

5. Access to the best recruitment technology and platforms

Using leading industry technology we can improve the recruitment process at every stage for our clients and candidates. We use our talent insights data to map the market at the start of our search; engagement software to ensure we are in contact with all potential candidates in a timely manner; and Spark Hire one-way video interviews to present candidates to you before you take the time out of your busy schedule to meet them in person - just to name a few! Find out more about our industry-leading technology here.

If you are seeking to hire within the Manufacturing, Infrastructure & Utilities or Insurance & Wealth Management sectors, then we can help.

More questions or feeling ready to start finding your next exceptional employee? Reach out to us on hello@fuserecruitment.com