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​Innovative Recruitment Technology

​Innovative Recruitment Technology

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At Fuse, we like to stay ahead with the most innovative industry technology available. Here is a comprehensive list of all the leading technology we currently use to consistently provide the best service, every stage of the recruitment process, for our clients and candidates.

Bullhorn is the fastest applicant tracking system on the market. We use Bullhorn for our internal recruitment database comprising of 290,000 screened candidates at the ready. The applicant tracking system is 40% faster than comparable systems.

Broadbean is the world’s best candidate sourcing platform, that we use to reach candidates in the fastest, most effective an efficient way.

Cube19 is a highly rated cloud-based business intelligence and performance management solution for recruitment companies. Using this innovative technology, we gain real-time recruitment-specific analytics that helps us improve data quality and increase efficiency.

This pre-employment skills and knowledge testing technology creates valid, job-based skills tests by combining multiple subjects and skill levels into a single assessment. The results from this testing prove to be accurate results – we even use this for inhouse hiring! The Peoplogica subject list includes 450 topics and 1500 sub-topics.

SeerPharma is Asia-Pacific’s Leader in Quality Assurance and GMP Solutions. This technology provides us with scalable training offerings across Quality Assurance (QA) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) topics from entry-level induction training, to targeted upskilling and professional development, through to postgraduate qualifications.

A web-based induction solution that centralises fundamental compliance requirements to get an individual “work ready” quickly and simply. WorkPro allows us to view, validate, track, and manage employment-related information. This means we can quickly mobilise employees and streamline ongoing monitoring.

Adobe Sign is an online electronic document management solution. All documents are securely filed and once signed, cannot be edited. We can incorporate any specific and/or confidentiality clauses that are required within this process.

A game-changing talent engagement platform specifically built for the staffing industry. Not only does Herefish create optimal engagement throughout the recruitment process but it can also be used to create Client-specific and tailored workflows post-placement, with communication via text or email at just the right moment.

By now you know all about LinkedIn, but you may not know about their innovative Talent Insight solution. We use this tool to make help our customers make confident business decisions based on real-time data-driven insights. This allows us to assist our customers in recruiting and managing talent more strategically.

Spark Hire is an award-winning video interview software that gains more insight on candidates in far less time than a traditional phone interview. As a result, we hear from more candidates and can compare them more easily. Spark Hire has the option of both one-way video and live video interviews.

Want access to all these innovative recruitment technologies to help you hire strategically? Reach out to us now.