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Meet & Greet: Mikaela Mudge

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Meet our newest team member, Mikaela Mudge!

After successfully completing her 3 month internship at Fuse, Mikaela joins us as a Recruitment Resourcer.

During Mikaela's internship she developed her skills in candidate and client relationships, gaining knowledge of the manufacturing, production and warehousing industries.

What are your hobbies, and how did you get into them?

My favourite hobby is Photography, I love to capture nature and all the beautiful things that catch my eye in the moment! I started learning photography in high school and instantly felt passionate about it. Another hobby of mine is simply spending time at the beach which helps me clear my head and feel relaxed.

What activity instantly calms you?

Photography! When I focus on capturing something beautiful in the moment it immediately calms me and is incredibly rewarding.

What was your first job?

My first job was actually here at Fuse, I started as an intern and have now become a recruitment resourcer and am absolutely loving it!

How do you separate your work life from your home life?

Honestly, this is something I’m still working on and am constantly learning better ways to do so. I try my hardest to stay in the moment when I’m at home and not think about work, and vice versa.

How do you pick yourself back up after making a mistake at work?

Instead of getting too upset by my mistakes I try to reflect on where I went wrong and what I could do differently and then get straight back to work. I believe I learn from my mistakes which makes it easier to keep on moving forward.

What skills did you develop early in your career?

During my internship at Fuse I developed my admin skills to a high standard which has helped me stay organised and on top of everything since becoming a resourcer.

Find out more about Mikaela and her work here.