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​Spotlight on: Sourcr

​Spotlight on: Sourcr

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Sourcr is a third-party review platform made by recruiters, for recruiters. Sourcr automatically requests reviews from clients and candidates to streamline the process of building a trustworthy brand and verifies placements to ensure validity.

“Sourcr was created to improve recruiter credibility by shining a light on the industries best agencies and recruiters.” – James Jennings, Co-Founder at Sourcr

When an employer or a job seeker needs to find a recruitment company to fulfill their needs, it can be an overwhelming experience trying to decipher exactly who is the right recruiter to partner with.

The first step for most is a Google keyword search where you can easily search business listings in your area and compare each company’s Google reviews. With 84% of people trusting online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, it is important for all businesses to have a strong review presence on both Google and verified websites.

This what makes Sourcr so incredibly powerful.

To create trusted and credible reviews, Sourcr uses a triple verification system, where reviews are only verified once both the client and candidate have reviewed the placement.

Not only are you able to get a clear understanding of what a company specialises in (to ensure you partner with a recruiter who is experienced in your industry!) but you’re also able to consider all team members belonging to an agency and search upon recent verified placements - including information such as job title, location and salary – and see the review rating for each placement.

Sourcr discovered what industry leaders most prefer from recruiters is honesty, industry knowledge, and nurturing relationships, which was the basis of the criteria their reviews are based upon. By looking at Fuse’s Sourcr profile, our clients can gain a better understanding of who we are, our specialty, service and values.

At Fuse, we use the platform insights to help build stronger relationships with our candidates and clients, and ultimately improve our service to our customers.

“Your reputation is your most valuable asset” – Sourcr

Here’s why we choose Sourcr for our review process:

We love using dashboard insights and verified reviews to help improve our team’s performance. The highly segmented analytics helps us to understand our reputation and areas to focus on.

The automated review collection process integrates with our CRM, so our team don’t need to manually request reviews and can use their time more efficiently. Sourcr also integrates with Google to push our reviews to our Google My Business listing - should the candidate choose to do this. We love the option for a one click share to LinkedIn, which our consultants regularly take advantage of this feature to enhance their personal brands!

Check out Fuse Recruitment’s profile on Sourcr here.