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Before you forget about COVID this Christmas here’s the easy event etiquette

Before you forget about COVID this Christmas here’s the easy event etiquette

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Brainstorming how to have a safe office Christmas party as we emerge from various quarantines across the country? Here’s the etiquette you need to know in the lead up to a safe and happy COVID Christmas.

As masks continue to be strongly recommended where social distancing cannot be maintained, the etiquette for your office Christmas party remains focused on limiting indoor activity. By hosting outdoors, you’re going to have far less worries and much more fun!

“Mandatory mask-wearing is now only required in areas where people cannot physically distance in Victoria, as restrictions ease across the state.” - ABC

Venue options

When selecting your venue if you cannot book an outdoor space, aim to at least get something well-ventilated that has access to several doors and windows.

Choose from social distancing or mask-wearing

To avoid wearing masks, simply continue to facilitate social distancing throughout your event. If you’re not sure if you can maintain social distancing during your event, ensure you have face masks available.

What to bring

Only a very short shopping list here; hand sanitiser and face masks. Ensure these are available at any location you go to and pack spares just in case.

No shared platters

Be mindful of having any shared or communal food and drink as these remain banned in most establishments across Australia. Your best bet is single-serve food and drink. Whether you are hosting your own event or hosting something in the office, you still need to refrain from having any shared platters. Try assigning one person to drinks and another to food, so there are not multiple people touching everyone’s plates and glasses.

Keep in mind that if you don’t follow enforced rules or basic covid etiquette and an outbreak happens on your watch, there will be a lot of embarrassment and a poor reputation to follow. Instead, cover these four key bases and enjoy your celebrations - minus the stress!

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