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​Get excited for new year, new you, new job

​Get excited for new year, new you, new job

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You may have heard this saying thrown around a little too much this time of year, but when it comes to a career change there really couldn’t be a better time. So, take the new year momentum and turn it into your dream job in 2021.

1. In the spotlight

It’s more than just a fresh start – there’s actually more chance your resume will be read this time of year as you’ll have much less competition. While the rest holiday, you can steal the spotlight with the recruiters!

2. Money money money

Budgets are looking cheerful this time of year. What does this mean for you? Many businesses have waited til’ the new year for their new hire so now’s your time. Plus, many people wait until after they receive their end of year bonus to quit – queue your opportunity!

3. The how

Time for the how-to: plan, upskill, learn a new skill (and put it on your resume). Kick the year off with a bang by taking up some learning opportunities that will boost your resume, and while you’re at it give your LinkedIn a total refresh, new profile pic, new headline, new you! (Tips here)

4. Timing and motivation

There’s never going to be a perfect time, but… there is increased motivation with new beginnings, so if you don’t already have one – use this boost (and time off) to create a career plan. (Guide here)

5. Gov Funding

Bonus points for government allocating money into getting people back to work and upskilling in 2021 – so you may actually have increased opportunities to gain some new skills in 2021! The VIC Government has invested $1 billion in TAFE and training to upgrade the skills of Victorians so they can get back to work sooner. The Australian Government has also announced JobTrainer to support over 300,000 free or low-cost courses from September 2020 across the country.

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