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How to write the best LinkedIn summary to grow your professional network

How to write the best LinkedIn summary to grow your professional network

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​The “about” section on your LinkedIn profile is arguably one of the most important. You’ve got 2000 characters to use, here’s how to make the most of them!

Writing style: Define yourself in your own words.

Don’t let your experience list do all the talking. Think of this as your personal branding, it’s all about positive association and memorability. Revealing something about your character and unique traits makes you much more memorable and interesting. Talk like a human, no one wants to read robotic text that sends them to sleep - or to the dictionary!

Sentence 1: Start with something attention-grabbing.

Hook readers in with a short statement sentence that will have them wanting to know more. Try something slightly unusual and unique to you, your job or industry.

Content: Love what you do?

Make it loud and clear. Passion is contagious, so if you have passion for what you do, preach it and people will love that about you. This is where you inspire your reader, which in turn will make them want to read the rest of your profile.

Understanding and proving: Try an anecdote.

Showing personality and soft skills this way can intrigue readers.

Editing: Get rid of buzzwords.

These have lost their meaning from severe overuse: strategic, experienced, skilled, passionate. Instead of saying the words, prove them with practical information and quantifiable achievements.

Size: Short and sweet always works.

Passive candidates need not be overly creative or write anything too long-winded, just get the message across concisely and with a touch of personality.

Key idea: Know your value and be confident about it.

If you’re not confident about the value that you can offer a business, then neither will any recruiter or manager checking out your profile. Confidence is always key.

Bonus: Something you do and love that’s outside of work.

Companies care about cultural fits now more than ever; what you do outside of work shows who you are. Plus, interesting hobbies will help you stand out and show you have some personality. Any manager will choose someone they get along with well over someone difficult to talk to with the same experience.


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