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My First Week at Fuse: Gary Armstrong

My First Week at Fuse: Gary Armstrong

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​Gary joins the Fuse team, specialising in insurance and wealth management. With 5 years experience in the insurance industry managing portfolios of all manner of claims, Gary is perfectly positioned to provide candidates and clients support in finding their perfect match.


Monday morning, I arrived into the office fresh and met the team. We started the day with a couple of weekly meetings which gave me an idea of how things worked at Fuse. After that I was in training with one of the directors of the company on some of the systems used including Bullhorn, LinkedIn, Seek, Adobe sign and Astute. I spent the majority of the day sitting with colleagues watching them do their work and understanding the way they get things done.


On Tuesday morning I had some more training, sitting in with the team watching again and started playing a little bit on the systems myself. We had our weekly jobs meeting which I felt I could understand much more than the previous days meeting. I sat in with colleagues as they completed a couple of interviews and learned their styles. I also phone screened my first client and organised an interview over zoom.


On Wednesday morning I held my first interview with a candidate. A colleague sat in and assisted with the interview. After this I sent out the spark hire request. I watched some of the training videos on bullhorn later this day and started to understand the systems a little bit better. I also sat in with an interview in the infrastructure team to get an idea of how different the two sides of the business are.


On Thursday morning I had “advanced bullhorn training”. This was quickly followed by a surprise celebration for the company’s 10th birthday where we had a video call with everyone in the company based all over Australia. Afterwards I moved straight onto business development training which was very eye opening and made me really excited about the role I will be getting my hands dirty with! The day finished up with the monthly meeting for the insurance and wealth management team.


Friday Morning, I had training on Spark Hire and Talent Insight before a Marketing induction. I later organised 4 interviews for Monday which have since been completed and I am confident in taking these myself now without having a colleague watching over me. After work, the team went for a few drinks which was the perfect opportunity to get to know everyone on a more personal level. The early days in a new job can be very daunting but I was made feel very welcome at Fuse and I thoroughly enjoyed my first week!

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