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Secrets to a superior and professional LinkedIn profile

Secrets to a superior and professional LinkedIn profile

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If you’re not on LinkedIn, where are you being found? Did you know that more than 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn as one of their main search tools? Take control of your personal brand and update your profile now with these top tips.

​Profile picture advice you need to know

Looking your best may not be the most important thing in life, but let’s face it – this is social media. So, what are the non-negotiables? Crisp white background, a natural and sincere smile – without overdoing it. Clean, ironed shirt or blazer. Your face needs to take up 60% of the frame so everyone can actually see who you are, no long shots! Nothing too artistic here, you want to appeal to all, save the fancy stuff for the cover photo.

Top tip: Smile with your eyes, as in don’t let your mouth do all the work so the rest of your face doesn’t match. Get someone to make you laugh if you’re really struggling, the goal is to look like a friendly face. Can’t get a crisp background? Remove backgrounds for free here.

Cover photo that sets the context

Visual elements are the first thing people will notice about basically anything, so ensure you also have a great background/cover image. This needs to set the context of your profile. Try something industry-related that compliments your profile picture. Careful of how this sits in relation to your profile picture, which will sit in front of the cover.

Top tip: Canva has a template for social media cover photos but make sure you change the dimensions to 1200 pixels x 628 pixels to be optimised for LinkedIn. Canva also gives you access to free photos you can include, but be careful not to over-complicate it though. For a great example of how this should look check out Senior Recruitment Consultant, Aaron White’s profile here.

Write like a copywriter

Have a headline, not just a title, and a story, not just a summary – this is where you pretend to be a copywriter and write something engaging and unique to who you are so to be memorable for those viewing your profile.

Don’t get crazy on buzzwords though, or over-do it on the trendiest wording. You want to seem impressive but still genuine and authentic.

Request some recommendations

What’s better than saying amazing things about yourself? Other people saying amazing things about you. This will greatly enhance your profile for obvious reasons but be careful not to overdo it, don’t request more than one a month unless you want to seem very desperate.

Get your activity levels up to get noticed

Strike a balance between getting active and sharing great stuff without seeming like a want-to-be influencer oversharing for no good reason.

Treat your profile as an interactive resume, because that’s basically what it is, so keep it constantly updated. Engage with other peoples content by commenting regularly, but make sure you’re adding value.

Lastly, ensure you have at least 50 connections, so you don’t appear completely unconnected from your industry.

Want to know how to write the best summary for your profile? Check out our engaging summary writing guide here.