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What to do if you need last minute staff this Christmas

What to do if you need last minute staff this Christmas

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​An employer’s guide to hiring over Christmas.

New data from Indeed has revealed more ads have been posted for Christmas jobs in 2020 than were posted by the end of September 2019.

Despite this positive result overall, hiring in some industries remains below the normal, while the number of Australians looking for a job is expected to rise dramatically as soon as JobKeeper and JobSeeker payments reduce steadily towards March 2021.

So where does this leave you and your staffing needs this holiday season?

Hiring temporary employees this Christmas is a risk-free way to build your workforce to meet demand, while still giving you the flexibility to find your feet in new “covid-normal” work environment. It also reduces the extra stress that comes with increasing your workforce by removing time-consuming functions such as payroll and administration.

If you decide to hire temporary employees this Christmas, it is important to engage a recruitment firm that treats the process of employing a temp as a critical task and uses the same approach as fulfilling any permanent role within a business. Regardless of whether the employee is hired on a temporary or permanent basis, they still need to be aligned to your business and values. Partnering with a recruitment agency who places a large focus on screening, selection and continued engagement will mean better results for your business. 

This year you may find the demand for your business is different to any other Christmas – as all states across Australia have varied pandemic restrictions in place. To meet this unknown demand you will need to have access the best candidates, in the right location, at a moments notice. This is where Fuse can help.

For industries such as insurance, who have a huge spike in claims over the summer season, having candidate pools engaged and ready to deploy is critical. Our team of insurance specialist recruiters is currently in preparation for Australia’s catastrophe season, building and engaging talent pools ready for quick deployment to our clients’ businesses should a catastrophe strike.

A common myth which may deter some businesses from holiday hiring is that there is not as many applicants at this time of year due to people going on holiday - although we have seen firsthand there are plenty of candidates still open to discussing new employment. However, there is still an abundance of temporary options and many extra candidates available over this period.


Feeling stressed that you haven’t got Christmas covered for your company? Why not reach out to our Client Relationships Manager Leah Finch.

Our team at Fuse have a pool of qualified temporary candidates available at short notice to assist your team. If you would like more information about how a temp candidate from Fuse can help your team over Christmas, contact us now.