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How to explain your weaknesses and still get the job

How to explain your weaknesses and still get the job

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​So you’ve got your biggest strengths perfected, but weaknesses – probably make you squirm. This is where most people struggle between honesty and trying to seem impressive.

The thing people forget about admitting to weaknesses, is that no manager actually wants to work with someone who thinks they are free of all faults.

The trick is – without lying or seriously exaggerating, offer up your weaknesses on a silver platter but throwing in how you’re working on them! Essentially, you’re going to say a negative and add a positive statement to follow. You want the end of everything you say to end with positivity while still answering the question. Here’s some examples of how you can achieve this and impressive your hiring manager at the same time.

Example weaknesses:

1. Lacking Confidence

Phrasing is key, explain this weakness whichever way feels most true to you. Are you super introverted? Do you feel a lacking of confidence in your work? Own up to this but go on to list what you do to counteract this and prove your resilience to this issue. For example, try “I’m very introverted which can come across as shy and has occasionally meant I have a harder time getting along new colleagues or getting my point across in large groups, but because of my self-awareness this has been something I’ve been able to work on and am constantly improving on”. See how in the end you feel like it’s not such a weakness after all – and people will enjoy your candidness and relatability.

2. Hate Public Speaking

Firstly, SO many people do! An interviewer will probably have an easy time relating this one. Think of this as an opportunity to show your dedication to pushing through fear. After saying this weakness follow up with an example of how you overcame your public speaking fear in one circumstance and gave a great presentation anyway – this will seem very impressive rather than negative!

3. Hate saying no / can’t ask for help

If you are the kind of person that’s keen to people please but don’t want to seem like a pushover, all you really need to do is be honest and put out your positive intentions. Suggest that your goal or new years resolution is to ask for help more and say no when too busy. Employers will be used to this one and honestly won’t hate this weakness as it proves your willingness to work hard, while knowing you have intentions to change so you avoid things such as burn out – aka you can be around for the long run.

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