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How to get the spotlight in this overcrowded Covid job market

How to get the spotlight in this overcrowded Covid job market

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The number of job applications per vacancy has never been higher, so standing out is more crucial than ever before – does your application make the cut? Here’s how you can get the spotlight.

Pre-application: Search Phase

Before you click ‘apply’, ensure your socials are up to date with engaging, relevant content!

1. Don’t just have your title listed on LinkedIn – have an amazing headline! This is a great way to draw the crowd in with something sharp, witty, and accurate. Read more about how you can achieve this here.

2. Upload a memorable LinkedIn Cover photo that demonstrates what you do and who you are as an extension of your profile and personal branding. Recruiters will check your LinkedIn profile – so go the extra mile!

3. Bonus points for adding the green banner under your LinkedIn profile picture that shows you are open to opportunities! Simply click the ‘open to’ button under your picture and select ‘show all LinkedIn members’.


CV: Application Phase

1. Wherever you can, list a non-work-related hobby! What’s something fun you do in your spare time? Believe it or not but hiring managers do want to hire someone that DOES have a life outside of work, and will contribute positively to the corporate culture. Even if your hobby doesn’t make you seem like an outstanding cultural fit, it will at worst, make you more noticeable as many people don’t list interests outside of work. Beat your competition easily with this one.

2. Quantify your achievements! Instead of stating “consistently hit KPI’s”, specify you “exceeded sales targets by 150% for the year”. Don’t be afraid of putting numbers in your CV, it is an easy way to demonstrate your capability before you even get to an interview.

3. If you are invited to complete a one-way video interview, any registration forms or documentation, or even ability testing, it is in your best interest to complete this ASAP – that means today – unless it is physically impossible! Schedule your interview for as soon as possible (again, we mean today if possible!). This will not only show that you are motivated and interested in the opportunity, it will also show that you are reliable and put you ahead of other applicants.

4. Haven’t heard back? Give them a call. Have questions about your application? – Give them a call. Showing this initiative will help you stand out and provide you the opportunity to build upon your relationship with the recruiter or hiring manager. Don’t forget your manners, or your personality!


Interview Phase

1. Research the company you’re interviewing with and use this information to compliment the hiring manager on an aspect of their business. This shows you care enough about the job that you will put in the effort, a great start considering only 50% of people will do this.

2. Don’t just research the company, look up the person interviewing you so you can go in with some common ground!

3. Use your creativity and initiative to plan some ideas or suggestions of what you could bring to the role. Did you know the number one in-demand soft skill is creativity? For example, if you are applying for a role in marketing, you could think up some campaign ideas. Prepare some examples of what you could do in this position – that aren’t listed in the description.

4. Finally, (and yes, this is cliché, we know) but make sure you follow up your interview with a thank-you email if you want to be remembered! Bonus points for adding a small summary of how the business aligns with you and your values, and why you are a good fit for them - it doesn’t hurt to remind them!

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