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Fundamentals of hiring your next insurance professional, you need to know

Fundamentals of hiring your next insurance professional, you need to know

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​Before you start the process of hiring your next standout insurance professional, here are a few things you should consider to ensure the best candidate joins your business.

First things first:

1. Consider culture

Define your desired company culture – are you aiming to be customer-centric, high-performance or agile? Be clear on this before you begin the hiring process as the best way to achieve your desired culture is through hiring like-minded individuals who already embody these qualities.

Study potential candidate’s communication styles and soft skills on their CV and in a phone screen so you can probe about these during the interview process and select the best fit for your culture. Achieving this can improve both engagement and happiness of your entire team. Culture-fit is perhaps the most overlooked, and yet crucial, pre-hiring step!


2. Set KPI’s

Too often hiring managers do not set KPI’s specific to the position – but this is a necessary step in hiring the right insurance professional for your business to ensure they succeed and outperform expectations, plus this helps with motivation and engagement, with clear goals set from the beginning.


3. Progression opportunities

Progression opportunities need to be considered prior to writing job descriptions or advertising the vacancy. Standout candidates who are passionate and success-driven will query progression opportunities prior to accepting an offer, and it’s clear to them when progression has been an afterthought - which could be a big turn off for many!


4. Job description

Now that you have some clarity around your overall strategy and how that links to this role, it’s time to get create a concise and accurate job description. The aim should be to entice candidates to the role whilst telling them what will be expected of them – including the less fun parts of the role; this will help deter candidates who aren’t serious about the position and save you time.


5. Onboarding

Ensure your onboarding process is seamless and select a buddy to help new employees feel like a part of the team and guide them through the process. This should not be a rushed job after finding your next hire as thorough onboarding directly leads to higher employee engagement!

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