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Here's how to find the best employee while hiring remotely

Here's how to find the best employee while hiring remotely

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​If COVID-19 had happened 10 years ago, hiring would have been practically impossible. Luckily the extent of our digital abilities has allowed us to manage the entire process remotely.

Hosting interviews virtually while your team is working from home can be a lot to wrap your head around. However, this does not mean hiring needs to be difficult nor does it undermine the quality of talent – when done right.


How do you hire the right person without ever having met them?

COVID-19 has increased the number of applicants per role by hundreds, even thousands, making the hiring process much more tedious and time-consuming. Screening applications and narrowing down suitable applicants can be done in several ways, but one of the most reliable and scientifically proven ways to support your decision (without meeting anyone) is psychometric testing. This type of testing can be used to support phone screens and video interviews at a time when face-to-face interviews simply aren’t possible, by giving you candidate insights based upon personality and behaviour.


What is Psychometric testing?

Unlike other types of testing there are no right or wrong answers with psychometric tests; the purpose is to gain an understanding of a candidate’s abilities and personality, which is then matched to the suitability of the role using percentages. The hiring manager will set the framework of the ideal traits and personality of the vacant position, which is then used to compare the results to provide a percentage-based match.


Understanding whether someone could be a good cultural fit from a distance

In the current climate the use of psychometric testing has become invaluable for remote hiring, but now it is crucial to utilise not only ability tests, but also personality assessments which can provide assessment upon candidness, attitude, communication style and recommend best ways to manage the candidate.

At Fuse Recruitment, we utilise PeoplogicaSkills - a web-based online skills testing tool that creates valid, job-based skills tests by combining multiple subjects and skill levels into a single skills assessment. Tests can be customised to suit a client’s particular needs and computer-generated reports provide accurate results. In fact, we use this psychometric testing when hiring our own team members internally too!


Ready to start hiring?

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