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How to give an outstanding onboarding experience remotely

How to give an outstanding onboarding experience remotely

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​We probably don’t have to tell you that having a robust onboarding process is crucial to engaging new employees and securing their future with your business – first impressions are everything!

When it comes to onboarding in the new covid-normal world it can be challenging to deliver an outstanding onboarding process – but don’t stress, here’s how to give the greatest introduction to your business, virtually!

1. Offer incoming employees an onboarding schedule in advance to ease their nerves and let them know what to expect – schedules are crucial for remote working to create boundaries around free time and work time. Eliminating your new employees' nerves as much as possible will give dramatically enhance their experience and in turn their engagement.


2. Start with a video conference. Just because you can’t be face to face doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do the next best thing. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce the whole team so that your new employee feels more comfortable reaching out later when needed.


3. Pair your new employee with a suitable colleague as a ‘buddy’ to ask any questions. Don’t forget to schedule an introduction chat with them on day one!


4. Give a company induction that covers the values and culture, and emphasize how these tie in with all aspects of their day-to-day work lives. Company culture is key to keeping employees engaged and happy so this needs to be a strong focus. It doesn’t hurt to throw in a little welcoming gift here such as UberEATS voucher if you would normally offer lunch on the first day and/or any company merchandise!


5. Have social/wellness activities in place to support co-worker connection from a distance. This could be a virtual yoga class together, or virtual Friday after-work drinks where you host a quiz and everyone gets a Tipple voucher to get a cocktail delivered. Creativity is a great way to problem-solve how you will create team bonding activities for new employees.


6. For the first few weeks (at least) schedule in advance catch up / question time so your new employee never feels overlooked or completely confused/overwhelmed! We suggest a daily meeting for the first week to chat about any questions or issues that may arise. Even if everything is smooth sailing it is important your employee feels well supported!

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