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How to talent pool now to save yourself the challenge of a post-COVID boom

How to talent pool now to save yourself the challenge of a post-COVID boom

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Trying to get back in the office and back to work? The Australian Government has been pushing to have half of the workforce back in the office by early 2021.

Unfortunately, these plans have been delayed with the most recent COVID-19 outbreak clusters in New South Wales and Victoria. Despite this, we are slowly making our way back to the new normal – “covid-normal”. Some are speculating a post-covid employment boom which could likely come when least expected – will you be ready to hire quickly when the demand kicks in? Talent pooling is your solution.

These days its true candidates have little patience for slow recruiting processes and are known to apply for up to hundreds of jobs in a day. In our highly digital world it is no wonder candidates behave this way when applying for a new position, so you must consider how you manage your talent pool – and before we see the post-covid business boom.

Wondering what a talent pool actually is?

To keep it simple, a talent pool is just a searchable database where you store potential candidates; you can search and maintain this list as candidates express interest in working for your business. Before you advertise for any expressions of interest, it is important you plan and strategise the most appropriate channels and process – considering the user experience for candidates too as the recruitment process is a representation of your business. (Read more about the candidate market here.

Remember:If your hiring only happens reactively you may be losing out on the best talent. Time to get ahead with a pool of talent awaiting your next vacancy.

The benefits of talent pooling:

1. Fill positions quickly as they arise (without compromising on talent/skill)

When a role becomes available you have talent ready to engage and fill vacancies faster.

2. Improve candidate experience

Talent pooling removes most of the rejection that happens in standard hiring processes. Instead of rejecting applicants, they are added to your talent pool, which can be empowering instead of a negative experience. This is extremely important when you consider 39% of job seekers say they would stop using a business’s products/services if they had a bad candidate experience.

3. Reduce your costs

No need to pay for endless job adverts, or for your hiring manager to spend their time searching for weeks on end!

4. Save on time

You’ll still need to put your talent pool through the application and interview process, however, as you will not need to list an ad you can save weeks, or even months, by utilising the candidates already in your talent pool, rather than waiting for applications to drip-feed in. When a talent pool is executed correctly and well-maintained, you’ll have quality candidates at the ready.

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