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Are you actually ready for the next step in your career

Are you actually ready for the next step in your career

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​Taking the next step in your career can be both exciting and a little scary – especially if you’re unsure what the next step is.

It’s been a few years now since you’ve started your job. You’re a star performer and you’re even training other people to do the same work. Eventually, you start asking yourself if you should take the next step in your career.

Taking the next step should be thought out thoroughly and figuring out if you’re ready will help you know what the next step should be. If you need help in assessing your readiness to move on, keep on reading!


You know why you want to take the next step.

Seeking a promotion for the sake of getting a promotion or earning more money shouldn’t be your highest priority. These motivators aren’t long term and may lead you to regret your decision to move up.

On the other hand, if you’ve considered your career goals and feel that the next step will provide you with opportunities and experience to help you achieve your goals, then you’re ready. Thoroughly thinking about why you’re taking the next step in line with your career goals will help you find the right motivation to perform well in your next role.


Your job feels too easy.

Maybe you’ve realised that your job is not challenging enough and you could do it in your sleep. You’re probably finishing all your tasks early and then scrolling down social media to waste time. Or perhaps you’re taking on a few responsibilities of the position above you and you’re enjoying it! These are all signs that you may have outgrown your current role and are ready to move on and take the next step.


You want to take on more challenges.

So, you’ve found yourself taking on some responsibilities of the position above you and you’re overly competent in your current role. You’ve done all the hard work in completing all the necessary qualifications for the next position and no longer see any further opportunities for development in your current role. If you’ve then considered the responsibilities of the position above you and the challenges that come with it, it’s time to take that next step.

Try speaking to your manager first about your goals and ask if there may be a path you could take to get you that promotion. Otherwise, it may be time to start seeking a new role that’s better suited to your career aspirations. Speaking to a recruiter can help you figure out the types of jobs you should look for to help you reach your goals, and also give you insight into typical salaries in the market.


You want to gain more experience.

Perhaps it’s not a promotion you’re after but a career change. Maybe your goals have changed over time and you’re becoming interested in other aspects that aren’t directly aligned with your current position.

Have a look to see if there are opportunities for you to migrate into another role within your company. If not, it may be time to seek a role elsewhere.

If you agree with everything in this blog and are ready to take on your next challenge, visit our job search page here to find your next career move!