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How to build healthy habits in the workplace for more energy

How to build healthy habits in the workplace for more energy

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​Some days it can feel like you’re adding more to your to-do list faster than you’re checking things off. You try to keep up, but you start to feel your energy levels burn out before you even take on the next task. So, you get some coffee.

While you’re walking back to the office, you run into your coworker who just left the office to go to her yoga class. She tells you that she’s been going to classes on her lunch break for years and that you should come and join her someday.

‘Join her?!’ you think. You barely have enough time to even think about what you’re going to have for dinner!

Finding the time at work to maintain good health may not be front of mind but doing so can help to reduce stress, give you more energy and keep you motivated. Fortunately, you don’t need to take a 1-hour yoga class or skip your double-shot latte to be healthy. There are plenty of small things you can do to incorporate healthy habits into your 9-5.

Keep reading to learn our top tips.


Stay Hydrated

Drinking water helps to deliver oxygen to your organs which helps to boost your mood and improves cognitive functioning. In fact, being dehydrated can have the opposite effect. This means, if you’re feeling your coffee crash starting to kick in or you feel your energy levels depleting, it may mean that you just need to drink a bit more water.


Take Small Breaks

Your mind needs small breaks from a big project, to reset and perform at its best. Your body is also not built to be sitting for long, extended periods of time. Sitting for too long is linked to a number of health concerns including high blood pressure and unwanted weight gain. Having a small break can help.

Try getting up to go for a two-minute walk, get a glass of water or quickly stretch your back, arms and legs.


Keep Your Workspace Organised

Walking into a world of clutter is a sure-fire way of starting off on a bad foot. According to some studies, negative feelings, including stress, are often associated with clutter. When you open your inbox to see it full of unfinished tasks, how do you feel? Being organised can help and it doesn’t take much time to get things in line.

Try having dedicated folders to sort your emails. Put old sticky notes in the bin once you don’t need them anymore. Take unnecessary items off your desk to have more clear space available.

So, there it is, a few healthy habits for the workplace that don’t take much time or effort to action.

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