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Meet & Greet Suzane Mai!

Meet & Greet Suzane Mai!

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Meet our newest team member, Suzane Mai!

(pictured above on the Luge in Queenstown, New Zealand)

Suzane has joined Fuse Recruitment in the Melbourne office as a Marketing Assistant. Her strengths lie in content creation which is coupled with her background in recruitment marketing and customer service.

What is your "Death Row Meal"?

My perfect meal starts with something savoury, then fruity, then sweet. So, I’d start with some Pho and have coconut juice on the side. Then something sweet and carb-y like a cake or doughnut.

If you could have any exotic animal as a pet, which would it be?

I’d love to have a pet tiger or a black panther. I’ve always imagined how warm it’d be to snuggle up with a huge purring kitty. Obviously, this will never happen, or the cat might eat me up but I think it’d be pretty cool.


How do you deal with work stress?

The first thing I do is relax my stomach because I tend to tense up when I’m stressed. I like to think about what I could be doing better to stop the source of my stress. When I get home I make sure to have a proper break. So, I’ll make sure to train/exercise and get enough sleep.


What is the best career advice you have ever heard?

Slow down, have patience, observe and learn from the people around you. I tend to be a bit impatient with myself and forget that there is still so much that I have to learn in my current position before taking the next step.


How do you pick yourself back up after making a mistake at work?

I like to see what went wrong and ask questions to see how I can prevent it from happening again. Then, I aim to do better, try not to be too hard on myself and move on.


How do you motivate yourself in your career?

I want to make a difference and make my mark in the marketing field. So, what motivates me is thinking about this and seeking opportunities to build on skills that will allow me to do that.


What is the best career decision you have ever made?

Being open to opportunities and never settling for something I’m not happy about. I was offered a position at Drake International as a Tenders and Proposals Intern. I had no idea what recruitment was about and what tenders or proposals were, but taking that opportunity allowed me to get my foot in the door which has led to many other opportunities after – including, I believe, my role here at Fuse.

Learn more about Suzane and her position at Fuse here.

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