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My First Week at Fuse: Alyana Stoneman

My First Week at Fuse: Alyana Stoneman

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​Alyana has joined our team as a Recruitment Resourcer in the Melbourne office. Here's what her first week looked like!


I had an amazing first day, everyone was so welcoming and friendly. Made myself familiar with my desk set up and set up my accounts for Sourcr, Sparkhire and AdCourier, I also had the chance to listen in on some candidate screenings and reference checks.


I felt a lot more confident on my second day. Made myself more familiar with Bullhorn, learnt more about how Seek works as a recruiter.

I learnt how to post a job ad up on Seek and viewed some resumes. I had a brief training on Fuse structures and strategies with Cameron, as well as learnt what the role of a recruiter is.


Did my first reference checks, was nervous but once I did my first one, I felt super confident and did a heap more! Phone screened my first two candidates with Madeleine and booked in my first video interviews with them.

I am understanding when and where we use specific systems at certain stages of the recruitment process.


Did more reference checks and got to sit in on a pricing training session with Tyson which I found great! I really enjoyed seeing how passionate people are within their roles and I had more of an understanding of where everything sat within the business’ channels.

Leah ran a great training session on Sparkhire and Secured Signing which made me feel a lot more confident in using those systems.

Did my first video interview on my own and it was successful! Hoping to send her through to the client!


Did my second video interview/screening and it went well!

Finding things, a little easier on my last day of my first week! Everyone was so supportive and friendly. I felt like I had been here for longer than a week!

Matt ran a great training on using advanced features of Bullhorn, and gave us a brief overview of Jora and Sourcr integration.

I was voted one of three Magicians of the Week; it was such a nice feeling hearing all the lovely things my new team had to say about me was a great finish to my week.

If you think you have what it takes to own a career in recruitment, join the Fuse family and be a part of a rapidly growing company!