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8 benefits of hiring a temp and reasons to go through a recruiter

8 benefits of hiring a temp and reasons to go through a recruiter

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Hire a temp to support your team through peak periods and reap the other benefits without making a long-term commitment.


Hiring new staff but not sure if you want to, or should commit to, a permanent employee? It can be a difficult decision to make if you’ve never hired a temp before or don’t know what benefits a temp can bring to your business.

Businesses will hire temps for various reasons depending on their needs. Here are six benefits of hiring a temporary worker and the benefits your business could receive from hiring through a recruiter.


What are the benefits of hiring a temporary worker?


Benefit from having an employee that is ready to work

Experienced temps have also worked in a variety of different environments with all kinds of deadlines and personalities, so you can expect them to hit the ground running when they come into your business.


Introduce fresh perspectives

After being exposed to numerous environments and working with a bunch of different personalities, temps will come into your business with new perspectives. Learning about how other businesses in the industry operate can give you a broader view of trends in the industry. You might learn how useful a new piece of technology is and improve current practices, or how useless it is and save yourself the trouble of bringing it into your business. If you’re looking for innovation or simply looking for better ways of doing things, an experienced temp’s wisdom will be valuable to your business.


Implement less training

Temporary workers are employed for specific periods and/or projects, so it’s not necessary to train them to do everything that a permanent employee would need training for. After they’ve performed the tasks you’ve employed them to do and have worked through the period that you’ve employed them for, temps will move on to their next adventure and you can move on with yours.


Find a great permanent fit

On the other hand, hiring a temp does not have to be temporary. Hiring a temp gives you the ability to trial an employee to see if they’d be a great fit permanently. At the end of their employment, if you are satisfied with their performance and think they’d be a great addition to your team, you have the ability to offer them a permanent role.

You can also trial a role that doesn’t already exist in your business. Have you ever considered bringing in a new role but don’t know how it will work with the rest of your business? Hiring a temp can provide you with that insight.


Reduce temporary workload

Different industries will have different peak periods where the workload is higher than other times of the year. Peak periods can include end of financial year, seasonal periods such as Christmas and Halloween, and periods where businesses will take on special projects. Regardless of what time of year it is, businesses will benefit from hiring a temporary worker to assist in reducing the workload and help their existing employees adjust to fluctuations.

Hiring a temp for the peak period will mean employers do not need to commit to the employee permanently during periods where less staff are needed.

Bonus benefit!

Reducing the workload helps to prevent stress and burnout in the workplace. Too much overtime and pressure to meet deadlines is a surefire way of introducing stress in the workforce. Having a stressed workforce often leads to high turnover, increased absenteeism and a poor workplace culture.


What are the benefits of hiring through a recruiter?


Save time

Typically when businesses hire temps, they need the temp for a short period with urgent deadlines. At Fuse Recruitment, we recognise that urgency and are devoted to filling our customers’ vacancies as fast as possible with the right fit for their business and needs.

Hiring a temp through a recruiter means we’ll do the recruiting, screening and testing for you. You also have access to our talent pool of prescreened candidates which saves time over screening new people and means you get access to people who are ready for work.

We use the latest technology, including automation and top of the range CRM technology, to streamline and reduce friction throughout our recruiting processes. This allows our consultants to waste no time and get you the right candidates as soon as you need them.


Reduce the risk of hiring an unsuitable candidate

Juggling deadlines at the same time as trying to recruit someone may cause you to unintentionally cut corners and miss details that indicate a candidate is unsuitable. Having industry specialists recruit for you will reduce your risk of taking on an unsuitable candidate.

Our industry specialist consultants take care in understanding your business and its needs before going out to find the right candidate for you. As partners of the industries in which we specialise, we have every intention to invest in the betterment and growth of those industries. Therefore, finding the best candidates for our customers is our greatest priority. We use a combination of industry knowledge and testing tools to ensure we source the best talent. You can be sure that candidates you receive from us will have the right industry experience as well as the best cultural and behavioural fit for your business.


If you’re looking to hire a temp to support your team, fill out the form below and let one of our consultants help you out.