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My First Week at Fuse: Rosie Stedman

My First Week at Fuse: Rosie Stedman

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Rosie has joined our team as a Recruitment Resourcer in the Brisbane office. Here's what her first week as part of the Insurance & Wealth Management team looked like!


Public holiday - lucky me!


My first day at Fuse was a roller coaster of emotions; I was excited to be starting my new role but also extremely nervous about meeting my colleagues. Fortunately, the whole team was welcoming and supportive. I learned about interesting softwares such as Bullhorn and Spark hire. I was blown away by all the unique platforms used. They are quite advanced and helpful in the recruitment process. Next, I sat in on pre-screening calls and various team meetings. It was all very overwhelming! Nonetheless, I was excited to come back for day 2.


On the second day, I was not feeling as nervous because I knew I was walking into a friendly office. I shadowed senior staff to get a better idea of how the interview process worked with candidates and clients. I participated in webinars that explained how to optimise ‘searching out’ for potential candidates on SEEK and LinkedIn recruiter. Although I was still feeling overwhelmed, the team was being encouraging and patient with me.


I met with Cameron to discuss the company’s strategies and goals, which I found super motivating! It was great to see Fuse leaders excited and passionate about the company and their employees. The fact that they wanted me to be a part of the Fuse family made me want to achieve even more. There were a few more meetings with candidates, reference checking and sitting in on interviews with different recruiters. It was great to see all the different style and techniques they used.


No one told me that Friday was casual dress day and I turned up in full office attire… I felt a bit embarrassed! But quickly forgot about it as there was so much to learn. Aaron gave me a lesson on the Insurance Industry which was a lot more interesting than it sounds. Overall, my first week was very productive and I enjoyed learning all these new skills.

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