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How Australian businesses will benefit from the Government's $15.2 billion Infrastructure funding

How Australian businesses will benefit from the Government's $15.2 billion Infrastructure funding

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​The Australian Infrastructure Sector has been promised a whopping $15.2 billion over the next 10 years to help get the economy back on track.

The funding forms part of the promised $110 billion investment into the Infrastructure Sector. Although most of the funding will go towards rail and road projects, each state has been allocated a sum to support projects and employment in the industry:

  • Queensland - $2 billion

  • Western Australia - $1.6 billion

  • Victoria and South Australia - $3.4 billion each

  • New South Wales - $3.8 billion

  • Northern Territory - $401 million

  • Tasmania - $377.2 million

  • Australian Capital Territory - $186.2 million

In addition, the government has promised another $1 billion worth of funding to go towards the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program and $1 billion to the Road Safety Program which now totals $3 billion.

Boosting infrastructure in Australia will create more productivity, efficiency, and allow Australians to move at a speed that matches their enthusiasm to get back on track after the pandemic. This much-needed funding is a great way for funding to be absorbed into other sectors that service the Infrastructure Sector.


How will other sectors benefit?

Companies such as manufacturers who create attachments, bitumen, equipment and machinery, PPE, and insurance brokers who write policies to cover projects, will all benefit from the funding injection.

Mathew ter Haar, a Senior Consultant at Fuse who specialises in the Manufacturing industry, says, “there’s been growth in labour requirements for businesses who manufacture road surfacing products and those who process steel. This reflects work that is needed to service the infrastructure industry.”

Our Insurance Recruitment Consultants predict that companies will increasingly need more underwriters and brokers as more projects need to be insured. The flow-on effect will mean more premiums will be paid and Insurance companies will also benefit from the government’s investment in Infrastructure.


At Fuse, we’re committed to helping Australians return to the workforce and helping the Australian economy get back on track.

As demands grow to complete projects, Fuse recruiters will be ready to search for and recruit qualified candidates to keep things moving. Whether you’re in the Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Utilities or Insurance industry, you can rely on our industry specialist consultants to quickly find the right talent for you so you can meet all your deadlines.

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About the Author

Andrew Chalkley
Senior Recruitment Consultant

Andrew joins the Fuse team bringing 3 years of Civil Infrastructure recruitment experience with him.

Andrew has been fortunate to work on some of the Mega Projects Australia has to offer, most recently with the Western Program Alliance (Level Crossing Removal) and Snow Hydro 2.0 Project. He has been fortunate enough to work with not only large Tier one and two civil contractors, but also to assist in growing start-up civil companies that are now very successful Tier 3 businesses.

With a love for sport, especially cricket and football, Andrew has been armed with great leadership, team, communication and decision-making skills. He is able to effectively engage with all personality and character types, regardless of age, socioeconomic status and authority.

Andrew's passion is both helping candidates succeed and further their careers and assisting clients business growth by sourcing them the top talent in the industry.

​If you'd like to work with Andrew, you can call him on 0417 868 821 or, to check out his job opportunities, click here.