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Meet & Greet Madeleine Martin!

Meet & Greet Madeleine Martin!

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​Meet and greet Madeleine Martin, Manager of our Insurance and Wealth Management channel! Mads (our nickname for her) talks about the changes she's seen in the recruitment industry since starting in 2007 and compares the impact of her education and experience on her career.

What was your favourite age growing up and why?

Ages 4-8. My parents bought a country pub in Hamilton VIC and I had an absolute blast living on site. I had access to a chef, a jukebox, all the soft drinks I could sneak behind my parents' backs and I even got to spend some time behind the bar learning to pull beers (it was the 80’s and liquor licensing was much more relaxed!)

What do you do on your commute to/from work?

I’m a huge fan of Podcasts and I’m always listening to something new. My most recent recommendation would be “The Sure Thing”. It’s an incredible story of insider trading and as an added bonus it’s based in Melbourne.

How did you get into recruitment and how long have you been in the industry?

I started in Recruitment in 2007. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to combine my degree in Social Science and Human Resources with my experience working in my family’s Financial Planning business. It turned out to be a good fit and I have now been recruiting in the Insurance and Wealth Management space for almost 15 years.

How has the recruitment industry changed since you started?

Technology would be the biggest change that I have experienced over my career. When I started in Recruitment we didn’t use LinkedIn, video interviewing, social media marketing etc… there was no automation. I am happy to say that the fundamentals of the job have not changed though. No technology has been able to replace a good Recruitment Consultant’s ability to match talent and culture fit for a client’s business.

Who has had the biggest impact on your career choice?

My parents without a doubt. They are both incredibly hard-working and they instilled not just a strong work ethic but a high level of ambition in me. It’s really quite interesting that my Mum spent much of her career working in Human Resources and my Dad owned a successful Financial Planning business and I seemed to wind up in a role that combined aspects of both.

Which has been more valuable in your career, your education, or your experience?

My education opened the door in my first Recruitment role but my experience is far more valuable at this point.

When will you know you've "made it"?

Never! I don’t want to feel like I’ve made it, I’m excited about where we’re going next!!

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