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Our top 5 reasons why you should move to Gawler in South Australia

Our top 5 reasons why you should move to Gawler in South Australia

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​Located on the edge of the world-famous wine region, Barossa Valley, Gawler offers more than just beautiful wine tours and a relaxing lifestyle.

What do you need to consider before relocating for a new job? There are several things to think about before moving to a new location. What’s the location like? What’s the cost of living? What’s the weather like?

We’ve gathered all the information you need to know about Gawler and why you should consider moving there. So, if you’re thinking about taking a job in Gawler, keep reading to learn why that would be a great decision.


Gawler is a growing town and growth = opportunities.

Travel approximately 40km north from Adelaide and you’ll find Gawler – the oldest country town in South Australia. Being so close to Adelaide, Gawler reaped the benefits of the state capital’s growth. No longer being a semi-rural area, some even consider Gawler to be an outer northern suburb of Adelaide.


The cost of living is low so expect to have spare income!

What’s the point of moving somewhere for a higher salary if your cost of living will also increase? If you’re considering moving to Gawler, you’ll be pleased to hear that the cost of living in Gawler is much lower than in other parts of Australia.

In addition, housing prices are also dramatically lower.

The median house price in Gawler sits around $316,000 which is much less than the median house price in Brisbane ($585,000), just over a third of the price in Melbourne ($918,000) and almost a quarter of Sydney’s ($1,168,000).

If you’re looking to rent, you can expect to pay around $240 per week for a unit or $320 for a house. To compare, rent in Brisbane averages $395 per week for units and $415 per week for a house.


Wake up to sunshine and fresh air.

Gawler is mostly clear all year round and a great place to be if you hate humidity. In Summer, the average maximum temperature is around 29°C. You can expect it to get a little chilly in winter and a bit of rain in June. The best times of the year are in April, October, and November where the temperatures sit around 20-25°C.


Feel like a part of something bigger with a great community surrounding you.

You’ll find that the residents of Gawler are heavily involved in everything that happens there. They are devoted to the betterment of the town and have a huge say in what the Council executes.

Residents boast about their lively neighbourly spirit, low cost of living, nice parks, bike tracks, a free tennis court and other recreational facilities. The neighbourhood is safe and there are several schools for parents to choose for their kids.


Discover your next career opportunity!

We have a multitude of opportunities available for those who are looking for their next career move! Global packaging manufacturer, Orora, have multiple sites located in Gawler and are on the lookout for maintenance fitters, mechanical fitters, paint technicians and more.

If you’re interested in working for a global industry leader with a great team environment, you can browse the roles we are recruiting for here. Or, if you know someone who may be interested, refer them to us and we’ll give you $500 to spend on whatever you like!

About the Author

Kerri Franz
Senior Account Manager


Kerri joined Fuse in 2018 with over 5 years’ experience in high-volume blue-collar recruiting, specialising in warehousing, production and transport.

She has a solid track record in working with medium to large workforces and providing outcomes that benefit both candidates and clients.

Kerri worked in operations management for a large South Australian organisation for several years prior to recruitment, organising a large internal workforce assisting the unemployed to upskill and seek employment.

She has a consultative approach to assisting and supporting business in IR and HR areas, with a strong focus on site presence, safety and workforce management, with qualifications as a trainer, onsite drug & alcohol assessor and return to work coordinator.

​If you're looking for manufacturing roles located in Adelaide, check out her job opportunities here.