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What is it like to work for world-leading manufacturer, Orora?

What is it like to work for world-leading manufacturer, Orora?

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​If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work for a global leader in manufacturing, you’ve come to the right place.

We caught up with Belinda Grant, Manager and Human Resources at Orora Glass and Closures, and asked what it’s like to work at their facilities located in Adelaide, South Australia.

Fuse Recruitment has partnered with Orora exclusively to recruit for permanent and long-term contract manufacturing opportunities. Fuse is looking for skilled maintenance fitters, printing technicians, electrical fitters, electrical technicians, forklift operators and production operators to join their team. Orora offers a huge range of benefits and opportunities for career growth and development.

If you’re a manufacturing professional looking for a new place to work, keep reading to learn more about Orora and why you should join their team!


About Orora

Who is Orora Beverage?

“Orora Beverage provides market-leading sustainable packaging solutions for the Beverage Industry. Chances are you’ve enjoyed a drink from one of our cans, cracked open one of our wine closures and toasted from one of our glass bottles. We pour our passion and energy into packaging design because we believe packaging touches lives, shapes brands and leads the way in sustainability.”

What makes Orora different to other packaging manufacturers?

“From small-scale craft brewers to global producers, Orora Beverage works with brands across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands to create stand out packaging that helps bring their brand to life.”


Why do your customers choose you over your competitors?

“Our people and customer focus. Our customers tell us that our bottles perform better on their lines. Our people are willing to work with them in a partnership and when they visit our plants, they can feel the difference with an engaged, happy workforce.”

What’s on the horizon for Orora? Are there any new products or technology that Orora will make or take on?

“We’re always looking at new technologies. Some of our current focuses are on print technologies for our closures plant, the building of Glass’ beneficiation plant, as well as a huge focus on sustainability.”

What are the benefits for employees?

Does Orora host social events for their employees? If so, can you tell us about them?

“Yes - we have Christmas shows, team days, BBQs and burger vans visit [our sites]. Many shifts also organise social events such as go-carting [and] fishing.”


What sort of training and development opportunities are available to Orora’s employees?

“We offer training for certifications such as Cert 3 in Manufacturing for all full-time operators, Cert 3 in Warehousing for Logistics at our Glass plant, and a Cert 3 in Printing at our Closures site. We also offer training in leadership, continuous improvement, and IWS, just to name a few.”


Where have successful employees progressed to within the organisation?

“All over the place. We have job rotation programs to broaden skills and our team members have progressed to line leader, team leader and shift manager roles. Our people have upskilled into technical roles within our forming departments and many of our managers started out their careers as team members. Forklift operators have become planners, inventory controllers and operations controllers.”

Tell us about the opportunities for advancement that are available to Orora employees.

“As a growing business, opportunities are always there for those who want to apply themselves and are willing to learn new skills.”


Tell us about some of the facilities at work that Orora has available for their staff. i.e. Kitchens, lunch areas, etc.

“We offer facilities such as a canteen, BBQ areas, lawn areas to relax in, walking tracks, and even energy pods if you need a rest.”


What benefits does Orora offer to its employees?

“We offer a great work environment with the ability to learn and grow through structured levels, and as you learn more and apply those skills, you earn more. We have a great reward and recognition program and our ‘put yourself first program’, which offers free on-site physio, free flu vaccinations, in body scans, free raffles and giveaways - the list goes on.”


A bit about Belinda

How long have you been with Orora?

“10 years.”


Why did you join Orora?

“I wanted to be part of an Australian business which is built on the back of its core values of Teamwork, Passion, Respect and Integrity. I also wanted to be part of a growing organisation.”

What is your favourite part about working at Orora?

“The people.”

How has the company changed since when you started?

“I would not say it’s changed, just grown and continued to improve in all areas.”

If you like what you’ve read, give me, Kerri Franz, a call on 08 8104 0747. Don’t worry if your resume isn’t ready yet! I’ll tell you what you need to know to give you the best chance of landing a position at Orora.

If you know someone who might be interested, let us know and we’ll give you $500 if we find them a permanent role, or $50 if we find them a temp role.


About the Author

Kerri Franz
Senior Account Manager


Kerri joined Fuse in 2018 with over 5 years’ experience in high-volume blue-collar recruiting, specialising in warehousing, production and transport.

She has a solid track record in working with medium to large workforces and providing outcomes that benefit both candidates and clients.

Kerri worked in operations management for a large South Australian organisation for several years prior to recruitment, organising a large internal workforce assisting the unemployed to upskill and seek employment.

She has a consultative approach to assisting and supporting business in IR and HR areas, with a strong focus on site presence, safety and workforce management, with qualifications as a trainer, onsite drug & alcohol assessor and return to work coordinator.

​If you're looking for manufacturing roles located in Adelaide, check out her job opportunities here.