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Day in the Life of a National Business Development Manager – Wendy Terry

Day in the Life of a National Business Development Manager – Wendy Terry

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Wendy dives into her day as a National Business Development Manager in the Brisbane manufacturing team. See what it looks like to work at Fuse as she walks us through her day!


My alarm goes off and I reach out for my phone to check on the news… and Facebook (yes I’m one of those) – some pretty exciting stuff can happen overnight. I also try and have last minute cuddles with Biscuit our Pug.


I get ready, pat the dogs, say goodbye to my husband (wake him up of course) and I head into work, or if I’m working from home, I head to my home office… so it’s normally jeans and a business shirt on top!


I always grab a coffee on my way to work from my local Café Bliss – the team know me there and I don’t need to say anything – thank goodness cos 6.30am is early and I’m still waking up.


Once I arrive to work, I have breakfast with my wonderful colleague Sam Standfast – it’s become a daily ritual now, toast, muesli or porridge…. The tough choices that we have to make.


The fun begins!

I start and plan the day by printing off Ad Chase calls, opportunity lists, work on proposals, capability statements, returning urgent client calls and normally doing as much as I can before I need to get out on the road.


If I’m out visiting clients then my first visit normally starts around 9.00am, in this COVID world it can be onsite, on Zoom, Teams, Facetime or some other app which the team around me need to assist me in downloading (I’m not known for my IT skills).

If it is on a client site that means steel caps and walking through the most amazing manufacturing facilities and seeing the real action.


Lunch time – which normally means I bring in a salad but I get FOMO so I normally end up ordering in something or going out to McDonalds with Chelsey to grab Nuggets.


I normally work through my BD calls and Ad Chase in the afternoons if I have been on visits in the morning, I LOVE sales and everyone is always so happy to chat in the afternoons, especially after lunch. This can be a few hours or a shorter period of time if I have internal meetings.


The other amazing part of my role is that I have the ability to provide BD and sales training to a wider range of our team – it is secretly the best part of my job, being able to spend time one on one with the superstars that we have at Fuse – I love the role play the most. The guys absolutely love putting me on the spot.


I normally review my daily targets and activity and ensuring I have delivered on everything I have promised. I also plan for the following days calls and activities.

5:00 / 5.30pm

Head home – which normally takes around one hour traffic dependent, so I use this time to call friends and family overseas, or clients interstate.


Head to the gym if I can rustle up the energy, lucky my PT is a great friend so he is always there to ensure I work as hard as I can. If it’s not the gym I may also be attending a client dinner or industry event… or I sneak home early.


Head home, see the animals – I have two dogs, two cats and a guinea pig, then cook dinner and catch up with the family.


Get ready for bed.. NOW the hard part begins – Netflix, Stan, HayU or Prime???

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