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My First Week at Fuse: Casey Bartlett

My First Week at Fuse: Casey Bartlett

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Casey gives us an insight as to what her first week at Fuse and learning to be an Recruitment Resourcer was like!

Day #1

Day one! The welcome I received at Fuse was nothing short of amazing, I was made to feel part of the team as soon as I walked in the door! Inductions and training across several programs were sparky and engaging, already learning so much!

Day #2

Started learning to do reference checks and the importance of compliance with regards to all positions we advertise, bit of a sink or swim feeling but a very welcome one and I know I’ve got “floaties” in the people around me to support me if as needed.

Day #3

​Monday flew, It’s a bit of a blur actually! Meetings in the morning to plan out the week and see how we are tracking in our teams and company as a whole. Everyone is really busy so plenty of opportunity for me to jump in, give a chop out and feel like I’m actually helping.

Day #4

My first problem! I woke up with a migraine and when advised, Grant was fantastic to deal with. By mid morning I was right to go and jumped in to a PACT Training session with a number of other staff doing a refresher, on what is expected in our knowledge of the awards and how to use the P.A.C.T calculator as much as MC says it’s dry, I really enjoyed it. And finally getting a hold of a tricky reference was the topper for the day.

Day #5

Posting my first job ads today and receiving applications straight away was a great feeling and seeing how everyone celebrates their wins within the business is an awesome way to motivate me to get some wins on the board myself.

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